Five Takeaways from Luke Cage Episode 1: “Moment of Truth”

Five Takeaways from Luke Cage Episode 1:

I had a chance to check out the first episode of the new Marvel Netflix show, Luke Cage, today at lunch. It’s hard to judge the whole series from one episode, but here are some things I think you should keep an eye on as you’re binging this weekend.

Five Takeaways from Luke Cage Episode 1: "Moment of Truth"
I’m Luke Cage, mother-f###er!!!


1. There Will Be Blood-

Luke Cage, like its Netflix brethren, isn’t shy about showing blood. There were bullet wounds, broken bones and blood spray aplenty in the first episode. It isn’t going to get any prettier from there.

2. Harlem Is a Character-

The Manhattan neighborhood that’s home to the series will play as much a part in the series as Hell’s Kitchen does in Daredevil. And like Hell’s Kitchen before it, there will be those who want to save it and those who want to tear it down for their own purposes.

3. Not for Kids-

There was a pretty intense make-out/sex scene in the pilot that included some partial nudity. There was also a scene in a strip club, including a VIP room. Not for impressionable young eyes.

4. Staying True to Your Roots

The entire episode had an updated Blaxploitation vibe that I really liked. Much like the Samuel L. Jackson Shaft, Luke Cage updated the genre in a slick and enjoyable manner.

5. Music-

Each of the episodes borrows its title from a Gang Starr song. Ali Siddiq makes a lengthy appearance in Cottonmouth’s club. As we’ve seen in the trailers, a painting of Notorious BIG hangs in Cottonmouth’s office. Music is a big part of the history of Harlem and its going to be a big part of Luke Cage.

So, there are my thoughts after watching the first episode of Luke Cage. I’m looking forward to digging in deeper over the weekend.

Have you seen any of the series? Have thoughts you want to share? Drop us a comment below.


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