New Extended Trailer for Flash’s Midseason Return!


Yep, that’s right; Flash’s midseason return is upon us, and what better way to prepare then to watch this brilliant, extended trailer portending potential pitfalls for our favorite, hyper-propelled personage! Yes, I’m referencing the Flash with an incredibly ‘P-heavy’ alliteration!!! Anyway, Flash returns…TOMORROW…and there are brand new conflicts wrapped in the slightly warped guises of familiar faces! Enough with this prefatory, prevaricating backwash! On to the official, extended trailer for Episode 10: “Potential Energy,” responsible for heralding the midseason return of The Flash! Now, scroll up and press PLAY!

So, what’s going on? By the freaking numbers:

1. ZOOM! NO!
2. The return of…THE REVERSE FLASH! AH!
3. Barry and the gang traverse Mutliversal manifolds and enter the distinctly separate but eerily familiar realm of…EARTH 2!
4. And meet Earth 2’s Firestorm and Caitlin Snow! Here, on this side of the Multiversal Orrery, they’re commonly referred to as Deathstorm and Killer Frost! AHHH! Wait…are they from Earth 2, or just another random Earth in a sea of infinite, randomly occurring Earths!?? AHH!

The Flash returns TOMORROW NIGHT at 8pm on the good ‘ol CW!

The Flash stars Barry Allen/the Flash, Iris West, Joe West, Wally West, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon/Vibe, Jay Garrick (Flash of Earth 2) Dr. Harrison Wells (intelligent, concerned citizen of Earth 2), Zoom, Deathstorm, Killer Frost and an infinite well of alternate universes spitting horrible people at Barry until he learns to run faster! RUN FASTER, BARRY!