Where Are They Going in Game of Thrones Season 7?

Game of Thrones Season 7

There is a lot to say about the season finale of Game of Thrones. We usually get pretty bombastic episodes filled with wanton death and destruction but this episode may have set a record. It’s up there with the ‘Red Wedding’ in terms of main character deaths. The opening scene, with its long build, ominously set the destruction of the Sept of Balor and the wholesale annihilation of many nobles and most of the Tyrells. There was so much destruction even Tommen had to ‘punch out early’ as it were…guess we won’t be seeing a lot of them during¬†Game of Thrones¬†Season 7! Fantastically shot and I think we all can still see that wildfire ignition in the eyes of Lancel Lannister.

The rest of the episode continued to tie up lose ends with a reluctant Jon Snow being crowned ‘King of the North'(thanks Lady Mormont, you little bad ass!), Ser Davos figuring out what happened to Shireen, Arya getting her vengeance on Walder Frey in a Scott Tennerman style, Dany and her freshly minted army sailing to Westeros, the Tyrells/Martells/Targaryen/Greyjoy alliance against the Lannisters, and the confirmation of Jon Snow’s parents. See what I mean about ‘there is a lot to say?’

The real question is, ‘Where are they going to go for Game of Thrones Season 7?’ The showrunners have said they only have about 13 or 14 episodes left in them. What that means is that we’ll probably be getting two different, shortened seasons consisting of around 7 episodes a pop. That may came to some of us as a shock but let’s be honest…how much politics and posturing can do you when there is an army of undead knocking on your door?


That is the true focus of Game of Thrones. All of the seasons leading up to this may be filled out with treachery and manipulation but the truest threat of them all is no living human being or faction. No, there is a mass of undeath that seeks to claim all life and gently ushering it from this mortal coil. Well, perhaps not that flowery but there will definitely be some releasing from the mortal coil. So what are my predictions for Game of Thrones Season 7? We can’t really use the books any more as a reference but perhaps can we anticipate where season 7 is heading!

  1. The Wall is going to come down; I think this one really goes without saying. The Wall is much more than ice and snow. On numerous occasions, the Wall is stated to have magic woven into the very fabric of its construction by the Children of the Forest. This again is confirmed by Benjen’s reluctance to get close to the Wall…even a ‘good’ White Walker is pushed back like a magnet. If the Dead are truly the threat they are being portrayed as then that Wall needs to come down.

  1. King’s Landing is most likely toast; No, more so then it already is! We saw Circe detonate the wildfire below the Sept but let’s not forget that there are wildfire caches all over the city. If enough of them were lit or set on fire(see, Dragons) the entire city would go up in flames just as the Mad King had intended. I also base this assumption off the ‘vision’ Dany saw when the Warlocks trapped her in Qarth. She saw the Iron Throne and King’s Landing…and they were burnt and abandoned while the cold snows fell.

  1. Khaleesi will get her throne; there’s no way she can’t! For all intents and purposes, Dany now has an alliance of Dorne, Highgarden, Pike, and Essos and they are all rolling against Westeros. Who is still standing in Westeros that would want to pick a fight? The Lannisters…and that’s just about it. Do you think the North is going to come to help King’s Landing when an army of warrior-rapists and dragons are outside? Nah, I somehow doubt that! The Lannister army will put up a token resistance but the Targaryens will reclaim their spot on the Iron Throne.

  1. Euron Greyjoy is going to go crazy; You guys remember Theon and Yara’s uncle who killed their father and claimed the Salt Throne? Yeah, he’s absolutely bonkers in the books and claims to have a horn that can control dragons. Now, they haven’t made any mention of that in the show but it makes me wonder if they’ll cross that horn with another horn from the book…the one Mance Rayder had. You see, Mance had a horn that could supposedly bring down the wall. Since Mance isn’t kicking around anymore and we have a guy who thinks himself a god it would make sense for him to have a horn that could destroy the Wall. Let the undead in and then claim the Seven Kingdoms after everybody is dead! That’s a sound enough plan for a crazy person, no?

  1. The Hound will probably kill The Mountain; If one thing that the writers of the show differ from George RR Martin is their level of fan-service. Just look at how Arya killed Walder Frey! Fans have long wanted the ‘Clegane-Bowl’ and many thought that Circe’s trial by combat would have resulted in that but alas, trial by combat was banned! Still, who would have the power or need to defeat the Mountain? The Hound, of course!

  1. Brandon Stark will continue to mess with time; something tells me that we haven’t seen the end of Bran messing with people in the past. In this previous season finale, we saw Ned Stark again check behind him…almost sensing somebody or something else was out there. It seems that the ‘Greensight’ has the ability to influence time but I think it is one of those grandfather paradox. Every time he influences time it is exactly as it was suppose to be in the first place. I’m thinking like the movie 12 Monkeys.