Is Marvel Developing a White Tiger Netflix Series?

Is Marvel Developing a White Tiger Netflix Series?

According to a rumor reported by BleedingCool, Marvel may be considering a White Tiger Neflix series to follow the likes of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Apparently, Marvel recently wrapped production on four short pilot episodes. Their purpose? To measure the potential for possible, future Netflix/Marvel series. Hmmm. Moon Knight? Hello?

Yes, the three other shorts are currently unknown, so…Moon Knight?

Is Marvel Developing a White Tiger Netflix Series?
Let me help you, little tiger!

According to the “source,” which is, by the way, completely unconfirmed, the Angela Del Toro iteration of the character is what Netflix and Marvel are after; she’s an ex-FBI agent and niece of the original White Tiger. Who’s the original White tiger?

An Insultingly Brief History of the Original White Tiger

Hector Ayala, a Puerto Rican immigrant studying in New York City, happened upon a mystical amulet in the shape of – that’s right – a tiger’s head and claws. Recently discarded by the crime-fighting team The Sons of the Tiger, Hector tried on the amulet and discovered the following super-human endowments-

Enhanced Strength.
Enhanced Speed.

Technically, he received the enhanced strength and reflexes comparable to three men. Initially, I was going to leave that bit out since it sounds extremely unimpressive.

But hey, he and Spider-Man were great friends, so….that’s something.

He eventually retired, and returned the amulet to the Sons of the Tiger. However, instigated by a fight with his wife, Ayala came into possession of the amulet once again and attempted to restart his crime-fighting career. To make a long story short, it went poorly; fleeing a courtroom with a loaded gun, he was shot and killed by police. Whoopsies.

So, niece got the amulet, met with Daredevil regarding said amulet and a wrongly convicted uncle, and, well, ended up killed and resurrected/corrupted (“resurrupted?”) by The Hand, so….whoopsie?


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