It’s Daredevil V Punisher and YOU Decide the Outcome!

Daredevil V The Punisher!

Decide who’s going to win, but more importantly, HOW they’re going to win, and you could win yourself a Limited Edition Daredevil HeroBox!!

On 3/18, Daredevil returns to Netflix and he’s bringing some seriously determined opponents along with him! One particularly determined opponent is the skull-adorned, family-deprived vigilante, the Punisher! Frank Castle is coming to Hell’s Kitchen and he’s going to kill every criminalistic, gun-toting son of a b*tch with hand grenades, extremely long knives and assault rifles loaded with infinite ammunition.

Will Daredevil stand for this? NO WAY! Daredevil and the Punisher are going to absolutely THROW DOWN! Who’s going to win? Well, we won’t know how it’ll play out on Netflix until 3/18, but we can DEFINITELY point these 2 contentious rivals at each other RIGHT NOW and speculate on who wins and HOW they win! Your necessary participation is simple:

From now until April 1st, enter (below) your suggested victor and his method (or methods) employed to attain victory. The most creative reasoning behind a chosen hero’s victory will earn ONE lucky winner a FREE Limited Edition Daredevil HeroBox!  Also worth noting: following us on Twitter will get you an additional entry!

Here’s what your entry will look like:

“_____will kick the CRAP out of _____because_____!!!!!”

Here’s an example to get you started: “The Punisher will kick the CRAP out of Daredevil because Punisher will set a trap using advanced military tactics, successfully lure Daredevil into said trap, and then beat Daredevil unconscious with a glass butter dish.” Yup. Now, enter your info into the form below!
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Now…go forward and tell us HOW your hero beats the living f### out of the other, less interesting hero!


  1. The Punisher sets off a flashbang “bomb” & proceeds to chokeslam DD through the roof. Or off of it. Depends how angry he’s become by the time the “bomb” goes off.

  2. Punisher will kick the CRAP out of Daredevil because he has an enormous variety of weapons. My guess is that at first, Frank will be a little overwhelmed by Daredevil’s ability to dodge bullets and other projectiles, but in the end he will set some master tactic. Punisher will throw all kind of explosives and pepper spray grenades, in order to affect Daredevil’s senses. And when he gets all disorientated, Punisher will simply smack his face to the ground until he’s done.

  3. Punisher will win against Daredevil. He’ll figure out it’s Matt, and will lure a criminal out for Daredevil to pulverize. Then, he’ll use a flashbang grenade and disorient him. Then, knock him out with the handle of his shotgun to the back of his head.

  4. Daredevil will kick the crap out The Punisher because if he doesn’t the Catholic guilt will eat him alive. Matt will start off using all his ninja skills but that won’t work. So he uses his billy club but even that doesn’t work so instead he ties Punisher up and using Fulton Reed’s hockey stick and continually fling hockey pucks at Frank until one of the pucks puts Frank down for good.

  5. Punisher will kick the CRAP out of Dare Devil because it’s pertinent to the storyline to advance, but then Dare Devil will ultimately succeed because it’s his name on the damn marquee!!!!!

  6. Daredevil will defeat the Punisher because the name of the show is Daredevil! I do believe the first meeting between them The Punisher will get the upperhand but in the long run Daredevil will defeat him.

  7. Daredevil is going to neat The Punisher in see his devilish ways to team up and clean up Hell’s Kitchen with asswhoopings and gunpowder !!!! Marvel over Dc.

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