New Full Trailer for Luke Cage!

New Full Trailer for Luke Cage!

Well, we told you it was happening, and because we’re not one to speculate or offer groundless conjecture (well, not too often, anyway), we present you with the new full trailer for Luke Cage! Look UP! Press PLAY! ENJOY!

“I was put in some tank like an exotic fish, and came out with…abilities.” Yep, this trailer dives into the morally questionable origins of Luke Cage. If the forthcoming Netflix series follows the classic comic book history, Luke Cage, recently incarcerated, volunteers for the seedy application of something akin to the super-soldier program responsible for the likes of Captain America. In Luke’s case, the experiment was sabotaged; thankfully, the results were mostly positive.

Looks like we’re getting more shots of Luke in thug-hurling action, stemming from a growing sense of responsibility towards his fellow man. Of course, his increased involvement is also instigated by one Cornell Stokes, aka Cottonmouth. Seriously, he’s a massive d*ck-head, and he’s strong-arming the hell out an incredibly vulnerable citizenry.

Time to take back the mother–f****** streets!

Luke Cage debuts September 30th on Netflix and stars Mike Colter (Luke Cage), Alfre Woodard (Mariah Dillard) Frankie Faison (Pop), Simone Missick (Misty Knight), Theo Rossi (Alvarez), Erik LaRay Harvey (Diamondback), Frank Whaley (Detective Scarfe), and Mahershala Ali (Cornell Stokes).