New Star Trek Stamps in 2016!

Set Phasers to STAMPS!

To help celebrate/commemorate Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary, the US Postal Service is releasing a brand new collection of Star Trek stamps in 2016! YAY! Yes, they released previous sets based on Gene Roddenberry’s science fiction phenomenon – having gone where ‘no one has gone before’ quite a few times, actually –¬† but we’ll take them; transporters won’t be replacing mail trucks anytime soon. Anyway, these four new Forever stamps are going to ‘stun’ the hell out of envelopes with classic Star Trek design elements retrofitted and simplified in a modern, contemporary presentation. YAY, Star Trek! Check ’em out!

Star Trek Stamps!
Don’t tell the Post Office about Transporter technology!

The first Star Trek stamp features the ubiquitous Starfleet insignia through which the USS Enterprise travels. I believe a drunk Romulan wielding an untested Micro-Beam is the explanation being bandied about by a select group of loose-lipped science officers.

The second stamp features the equally ubiquitous Vulcan hand sign for ‘live long and prosper’ acting as a window to an orbiting USS Enterprise. If the hand closes, will the Enterprise crumble?

The third stamp is a green, Enterprise-shaped stencil overlaying the Milky Way’s sparkling void, encircling Earth with its prodigious bridge.

The fourth Star Trek stamp features a poor, red-shirted bastard’s physical body forfeiting its atomic cohesion due to that drunk Romulan hitting transporter banks with an untested Micro-Beam. Uh-WHOOPS!

Created by the Heads of State design studio in Philadelphia, PA and lead by art director Antonio Alcal√°, this new series of four Star Trek stamps are…uh…OUT OF THIS WORLD! Ugh.