Rick Cosnett to Return to The Flash for Season Three!


If you don’t know who Rick Cosnett is, he played Eddie Thawne in season 1 of The Flash. Iris’ then fiancé made the ultimate sacrifice in the first season’s finale. After finding out he was a relative of Eobard Thawne (Reverse Flash), Eddie killed himself in order to erase Eobard from existence.

Did That Really Do Anything?

Rick Cosnett to Return to The Flash for Season Three!
Wear THIS, and and embrace the Thawne family legacy!

We all know that didn’t last long. Due to Eobard Thawne being a great villain, and the vague physics of the Speed Force, Reverse Flash is still around. And since The Flash often brings actors back to play several roles (example: Harrison Wells), we might be seeing another character wearing Eddie’s face.


Rick Cosnett did make a cameo in season 2 of The Flash, but would he go to Twitter and make an announcement if it was just a cameo? And Cosnett never said he was returning as Eddie Thawne. Anything is possible in The Flash, but wouldn’t it be interesting if we got a doppelganger? What would that do to lovebirds Barry and Iris, who have already settled comfortably into their new relationship?

CBM theorizes that perhaps Eddie is Savitar. We’ve seen stranger things. Harrison Wells (Eobard Thawne) was Reverse Flash, Jay Garrick (Hunter Zolomon) was Zoom, and Julian Albert is Alchemy. Anything is possible with this show, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out what Rick Cosnett has in store for us!