Robert Kirkman Compares Outcast & Walking Dead


Zombies may be one thing, but do you know what is worse? How about having your friends and loved ones possessed by demons? Yeah, that kind of makes that whole zombie thing look like it is a stroll through a baby pool filled with cotton candy. Actually, cotton candy might be a little rough…perhaps Skittles would be a better idea? Actually, forget that whole thing. We are talking about Robert Kirkman’s latest TV show, Outcast! Outcast follows a tortured soul known as Kyle Barnes as he tries to keep his life together while a life-long curse of the aforementioned demons corrupts him with paranoia. Guess that’s one way to keep your shows from getting confused! In a recent interview, Robert Kirkman discussed several aspects of his new show with that of the monster hit known as The Walking Dead.

“I think if you didn’t know that I was involved, you wouldn’t have any kind of indication of that, because they are so different,” stated Robert Kirkman. “Walking Dead is such a visceral, physical threat, and with Outcast, it’s an inward threat. It’s not a smart show, because I don’t ever want to do a smart show, but it is somewhat cerebral to think about things that are inside people, and dealing with the struggles of people who aren’t the people they’re supposed to be. The stories that we’re telling are very different.”

Not that kind of Outkast!
Not that kind of Outkast!

Kirkman continued, “It’s not a road show like The Walking Dead. There’s not a lot of traveling or things like that. The town of Rome, West Virginia, is very much its own character in the show, and the community that’s built there is kind of what makes it so terrifying to think about all these people that know each other’s secrets, But there’s this element in this town that is changing them, that’s making them different people, that’s making them a threat. Your friends and neighbors and loved ones can be your greatest enemy at the turn of a dime, and it’s not because they’re mindless monsters – they’re a cunning, manipulative, very dangerous creature that is suddenly in your midst. It’s a scarier show.” Well, that certainly sounds like it is probably refreshing for him to do something other than zombies but you definitely can tell that Kirkman likes to scare his audience. Still, it would be interesting to see where this new show goes! Outcast starts up on June 3rd on the premium channel Cinemax.