Samuel Jackson’s Game of Thrones Recap!


Game of Thrones. It can get a little crazy following that plotline. Houses stabbing each other in each other’s backs. 3 or 4 major religions. Constant treachery. Wars. Shifting alliances. Treachery. Actually, it looks like there may be a reoccurring trend in all of this. Joking aside, the above video is one of the best references ever for George RR Martin’s world. What kind of resource? How about a recap of seasons 1 through 6 except this time it is Samuel Jackson’s Game of Thrones! If Sam Jackson can scare off snakes and racists then he should do just fine in Westeros and Essos.

Samuel Jackson's Game of Thrones Recap!
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Perfect for people who want to jump into the series or perhaps just brush up on their history, Samuel Jackson’s Game of Thrones recap is exactly what you are picturing. Jackson is in perfect form as he describes all of the major players and major plot events of the series. If anything, I’m starting to think that maybe the actor should earn himself a place on Game of Thrones! I’m sure he could do some real damage with wildfire. Any-who, there’s no reason for you not to watch the hilarious and informative Samuel Jackson’s Game of Thrones recap! “Yes I hope they die and they deserve to burn in hell!”