Supergirl Trailer Gives First Look at Villains


New Supergirl Trailer Shows Villains, and Supergirl in Action!

We get another Supergirl trailer as the series premier is approaching to spark our interest in the new show. This Supergirl trailer, granting us a more in-depth look at the series, shows off some of Supergirl’s powers, and more interestingly, the villains she will be encountering. We get a look at:¬†Maxwell Lord, who is a powerful businessman played by Peter Facinelli;¬†Reactron, a super villain who can generate radiation and use it to create explosions played by Chris Browning; Vartox, a super villain possessing the powers of hyper-speed, hyper-strength and hyper-senses played by Owain Yeoman; and Hellgrammite, who is scientist Roderick Rose turned Grasshopper-insectoid played by Justice Leak.

What do you think of this new trailer? How about the villains in the show? What are you hoping to see in this new series? What do you think of the cast choices?

Supergirl is airing on CBS, Monday October 26th.