The Space-Born Villains of The CW’s DC Crossover Are Finally Revealed!

The Space-Born Villains of The CW's DC Crossover are Finally Revealed!
The Space-Born Villains of The CW's DC Crossover are Finally Revealed!
Don’t let them scrape your cheek, Barry!

So, when the four CW series “intermingle” later this year, what (or who) will be a significant enough threat to warrant a combined response from the likes of Arrow, The Flash, The Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl? Well, it’s definitely a “who,” but specifically a “them.” According to our friends at Deadline Hollywood, the world-ending threat is posed by the Dominators, a massive alien armada who invaded the Earth in DC’s 1989 comic book mini-series, Invasion!. Yep, The CW’s DC crossover event is pulling a relatively deep cut from comic book continuity.

So, just who are the Dominators, and what the hell do they want with Earth? In the 3-issue Invasion! event, the Dominators – members of an empire known as The Dominion – invaded Earth to ostensibly end the perceived, intergalactic threat of metahumans. Later, their true intentions were revealed; the Dominators wished to harvest our world’s metahumans in an effort to breed and manufacture their very own. Jerks!

The Dominators are tall, lanky fellows with yellow skin, long nails, very lengthy teeth, and that rather noticeable red circle residing on their foreheads (an actual symbol of status in their very alien culture). Will The CW be able to properly translate such unique looking creatures, AND the “reality” of a full-scale alien invasion to the small screen? Well, according to Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Mark Guggenheim, the network will be utilizing “cutting-edge prosthetics and computer effects to achieve a feature film-quality look.”

So, do you think the Dominators will prove a significant threat to the likes of The CW’s combined superhero front?