Top 3 Biggest Questions For The Boys Season 3


The finale for the second season of The Boys left us all with our mouths hanging open and our jaws on the floor, and unfortunately, nobody has any idea when and how the third season will happen. Maeve just blackmailed Homelander! Stormfront is down! Becca is dead! Deep is out of The Seven for good, it seems! Ryan may or may not be the end of humanity as we know it! Given the uncertainty of the current circumstances, all we can really do now is wallow in collective misery as we wait with bated breath to know what will happen next after that finale that ended with a bang.


Here is just a handful of our biggest questions for Season Three!

  1. Who (or what) is Victoria Neuman?


Just when we thought the good guys can finally catch a break and have the upper hand against Vought, the finale ends with a shocking twist—Congresswoman Victoria Neuman was actually responsible for that mindblowing (literally) fiasco during the hearing. While we’re still not sure as to why she’s single-handedly going on a “death by head popping” spree around town, it’s clear that she has her own set of motives that may or may not align with the boys’ own agendas. It’s quite possible that she’s working with Vought too in some way even though she’s making it seem like she isn’t, because she got rid of both Jonah Vogelbaum and the head of the Church of the Collective, who seem to act contradictory to Vought. To complicate matters, Hughie is last seen applying for a job in her office, which might not bode well with his personal safety.


2.  What exactly are Ryan’s true abilities?


Throughout the whole show, Ryan seems to be a ticking time bomb in that we’re never quite sure if he’s going to end up fighting the good fight or using his powers for evil. Becca seems convinced that he’s a good boy, but now that his mother is gone (and by his own hand, no less), everyone’s scared he’ll end up as the exact kind of homicidal psychopath as Homelander. It doesn’t help that Ryan appears to be much stronger than his father, as his laser blast against Stormfront was more of an explosion than a laser-esque shot.


3.  Is Stormfront really gone?


Given that the ageless Nazi was last seen burnt to a crisp with multiple limbs missing, it can be easy to assume she’s gone for good. Fans have probably been screaming bloody murder throughout the season and wishing she’d get what she deserved after being such a horrible person, but even as her random mumblings faded from earshot, we can’t be too sure if she perished off-screen. She did say that she doesn’t break easy, right? Death is never permanent in comics, so anything’s possible!


What are YOUR biggest unanswered questions for The Boys Season 3? Do you mind sharing with us what your strategies are on how to wait patiently until the next season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!