Batman VR Teaser From E3


Ever dream of becoming the Dark Knight? To swing from the tops of buildings? To utilize fantastic technology in the relentless pursuit of criminals? To finally break out your ‘Batman Christian Bale’ voice? Then it looks like you won’t have to wait too much longer because the above video is the Batman VR Teaser from E3! In the Batman VR Teaser from E3, we get to see some close up images of the Caped Crusader’s suit, but what makes the Batman VR Teaser from E3 so great is that it is narrated by none other than Mark Hamill’s Joker! Unfortunately, the Batman VR Teaser from E3 is just that; a teaser. No gameplay footage or anything like that but it is being produced by Rocksteady who have an astounding track record in the production of Batman games. Hopefully Batman VR won’t be the thing that breaks it!

Exclusively offered on PS4, the video’s description is, “Batman: Arkham VR immerses you in the Dark Knight’s Universe and redefines what it means to Be the Batman. Experience Gotham City through the eyes of the World’s Greatest Detective in an all new Arkham mystery. Think like Batman. Utilize his legendary gadgets in Virtual Reality to unravel a plot that threatens the lives of Batman’s closest allies.” I wonder if the side effect will be hallucinating the Joker?