John Boyega Wants a Star Wars: Battlefront Story


Released to a tremendous amount of fanfaire, Star Wars: Battlefront is a game that was created by DICE and EA. Players were hungry for another entry of Star Wars: Battlefront and it had been several years since the last one. There were plenty of times Battlefront almost got made, but alas, through the magic of transferring licenses those iterations never saw the light of day. Enter this most recent Star Wars: Battlefront and BAM! Players finally had their epic firefights between Empire and Rebels. However, fans quickly realized that the game was somewhat barebones – there were only a few maps at release as well as a ton of day-one Downloadable Content, much to the chagrin of many. The biggest missing feature though was a single player campaign, which Star Wars: The Force Awakens actor John Boyega, who plays Finn, took to Twitter to express his concern at mega-video game publisher Electronic Arts!


Taking to Twitter, John Boyega asked, “Will fans get a full on offline story mode? It’s more of an enjoyable way to learn controls?” In response, EA said “had a chance to try the Missions?” Pfft! Those things do not make a campaign experience! Boyega, ever the video gamer, replied, “Yeah, thought it was great! But definitely leaves you wanting to engage within a narrative.” Apparently, Boyega then got a chance to visit EA…and then nothing. Makes you wonder if they gave him the single-player campaign…or if they just asked him to stop bringing up the fact that an originally a 60 dollar game wasn’t complete and had an additional 60 bucks worth of DLC. Actually, let’s just go for a compromise…they gave Boyega a single player campaign which they will probably charge us $15.99 for! ARGH!