New Overwatch Hero Ana Story and Gameplay


Lock and load! Overwatch is the latest new entry game from Blizzard and it has quickly become a world-wide sensation. Fast paced, easy to pick up, and infinitely entertaining, Overwatch is available on PS4, Xbox-1, and PC. People have often asked for the game to follow a ‘free-to-play’ mode but the above video shows why they didn’t! After the initial purchase one gets access to all of their new characters, maps, and modes. The new Overwatch hero Ana is the very first of the patches and if these videos are any indication then Blizzard is not messing around!

Classified as a support character, Ana is armed with a ‘healing sniper rifle’. Yes, that sounds just how it works. Now you can finally not have to worry when you are last to pick a character and it says ‘No Support – No Sniper!’ The healing sniper rifle apparently can area-of-effect heal and cause a ‘mortal strike’ like debuff. What’s ‘mortal strike’? Just a common term to describe effects that reduce healing effectiveness. It looks like Blizzard took a page from World of Warcraft’s player-vs-player.

The new Overwatch hero Ana looks like she’ll be a ton of fun to play. Greater details have been promised from the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con but these two videos should tide us over. The new Overwatch hero Ana already has ties to the existing lore as one of the founding members of Overwatch. Oh, and she’s also the mother of Pharah so that should prove to be interesting in terms of in-game conversations. ‘Hey, MOM! What the hell? You are alive?’ ‘Yep! Now let’s get to Objective B!’