5 Comics That Should Never Get Movies


These days it seems any like any comic book property can become a blockbuster movie. Even some of the most unlikely characters have found new popularity on the big screen. So, it sounds like a perfect recipe for success, right? For the most part, yes…but there are some comics out there that probably wouldn’t translate as well as others. Whether they’re too complicated or just too weird, there are comics that should never get the movie treatment. Ever. In fact, to further illustrate this point, we have 5 comics that should NEVER grace the big screen. Ever.

  1. Youngblood


    5 Comics That Should Never Get Movies
    Ooooh, boy.

Created by Rob Liefeld, Youngblood is notorious for having bad artwork, bland characters, and an overly complicated and poorly written story. In short, it’s a mess!

A Hollywood makeover for it would be a terrible idea. Not only would it have little to work with as far as characters, but the comics had several spin-off titles trying to explain what was actually happening in the main books. So, you’d actually need an entire Youngblood cinematic universe to explain the source material! If the comics couldn’t pull it off after two revivals, there’s very little chance a film series could. Youngblood is a product of the 90s and that’s really where it belongs.

  1. Great Lakes Avengers


    5 Comics That Should Never Get Movies

I’m going to start this by saying that I would looooove to see a movie (or Netflix series) for Squirrel Girl! What I don’t want to see is a movie for her former teammates in the Great Lakes Avengers.

If you haven’t heard of these guys, that’s not surprising because the GLA can’t even be considered second stringers (they’re more like fifth or sixth stringers). In fact, the entire premise here is that they’re all losers! How bad are they, you might ask? The name of the team changes almost daily and pretty much every single Marvel hero has turned them down when they offer assistance.

When Squirrel Girl is your most valuable member, you may not be a very good super-team. With the Avengers making it big on the silver screen there may be a few Avengers spinoff-team movies down the line, but there’s almost zero chance the Great Lakes Avengers will be one of them.


  1. Section 8


    5 Comics That Should Never Get Movies

To say that DC’s Section 8 is strange would be an understatement! The team is filled with insane weirdos with who have equally disgusting abilities, including “super boogers”, being really drunk, and having a talent for welding dogs to other people’s bodies! They’re like the Garbage Pail Kids of comics. Section 8 is actually so bizarre an idea that there’s no way that any movie about them could ever be good. And in a world where Guardians of the Galaxy ended up being an entertaining hit…that’s saying something.

  1. The Haunted Tank


    5 Comics That Should Never Get Movies
    This….is kind of silly.

With DC trying to make their movies as gritty and serious as possible, there’s bound to be a few concepts that are purposely overlooked. The Haunted Tank from G.I. Combat is probably too silly to ever be considered. So get this: the story centers around the ghost of Civil War general Jeb Stuart. He’s sent by Alexander the Great’s ghost to haunt a tank and also fight the Nazis in WWII. Yeah, it’s just as crazy as it sounds! Other than being too goofy to take seriously, The Haunted Tank seems just a little too “bottom of the barrel” for DC to turn it into a hit. Even Detective Chimp has a better chance of being a success than this one!

  1. Fantastic Four


    5 Comics That Should Never Get Movies
    We should probably come back to this…later.

They say, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.” But if you ask me, I think the Fantastic Four has gotten one too many chances to “try again!”

Yes, I know the FF have gotten movies before, but please hear me out. While the comics have been some of Marvel’s finest, the movies haven’t followed suit; they range from “Meh” to just plain awful. There is word about a possible Marvel and Fox partnership in the future. If that’s really happening, I think it could breathe some much needed life into this series of films. If not, then it could only mean a third reboot for the first family of comics, and if that’s the case…then maybe it’s time to stop.

There weren’t many fans for Fan4stic and it didn’t make a whole lot of money either, so why beat a dead horse? Don’t get me wrong, we all want to see a Fantastic Four movie succeed! But until something changes, maybe there shouldn’t be another one. For now, and because we hate to see our dreams repeatedly bashed in the face with a morning star, we’re relegating it to a comic series that should never grace the big screen (again).

Did you like this list? What comics do you think should completely avoid the big screen, live-action treatment? Let me know below!