Seven Times Our Favorite Heroes Lost Their @#$%ing Minds!

Seven Times Our Favorite Heroes Lost Their @#$%ing Minds!

You know, sometimes it’s a good thing that superheroes are only fiction. Even though they try to be paragons of good, they are only (mostly) human. We should count our blessings that most have stayed on the righteous path, but there were times our heroes had a moment of weakness, became villains, or just went absolutely batty. And considering their abilities, that’s pretty scary! Be warned, you may not be able to look at some of your favorite characters the same away again as we take look at seven times our favorite heroes lost their ####ing minds!


  1. Spider-Man’s Freaky Friday!!

    Seven Times Our Favorite Heroes Lost Their @#$%ing Minds!

Ever ask what would happen if Spider-Man and Dr. Octopus switched places? No? Oh….uh…well it happened anyway! What’s worse is Ock let Peter die in his own body while he began to experience Parker’s memories! Otto swore he would become a better Spider-Man than peter, a superior one! Instead, Otto mostly acted like himself (you know, a villain) while pretending to be a hero. He does some pretty bad things too, including murder, all while wearing Peter Parker’s face. Eventually, Otto did redeem himself by bringing Peter back. Maybe in the end he finally became a “Superior Spider-Man.”

  1. One Lantern Ring Too Many!!


It must be hard when you’re a superhero and your city gets destroyed. It’s possibly the most devastating thing imaginable. At times like these, it’s best not to do anything rash….like Hal Jordan once did! After Coast City was destroyed by Mongul and Cyborg Superman, Hal broke down and tried to recreate it with his ring! If that sounds crazy, just wait, because it gets worse: Hal went on a murder spree and killed all the Green Lanterns in his path, taking their rings!

But wait, it gets even worse!! After all that, Hal went full villain and destroyed the Central Power Battery, dismantling the Green Lantern Corps for years!

Yeah…it all hit the fan at the same time. So, how could Hal come back from that? Well, turns during he was possessed by an entity called Parallax, who was making him do these terrible things. Eventually, Hal would regain himself and rebuild the Corps, but it’s hard to forget how far gone he was.

  1. Daredevil Becomes a Real Devil!!

    Seven Times Our Favorite Heroes Lost Their @#$%ing Minds!

So, for a short time, Daredevil took control of the ninja group known as “The Hand.” He used them to enforce justice on Hell’s Kitchen, and he, in turn, became more brutal. This began to spiral out of control when he turned the place into “Shadowland” and appointed himself as the ruler. Sounds simple enough: guy gets more power and it starts to corrupt him. But here’s where it gets weird: when Daredevil became The Hand’s leader he became the host to a demon…so Daredevil became an ACTUAL devil! Much like Green Lantern, this gave Matt Murdock a bit of an alibi, but his actions did have lasting consequences.

  1. Cyclops: 50% Jerk 50% Psycho!!

    Seven Times Our Favorite Heroes Lost Their @#$%ing Minds!

It comes as no surprise that Cyclops is a total tool. You could argue where his real downfall started, but let’s start with the time he tried to use his students as soldiers. From the point, Scott Summers began to act more like Magneto, seeing mutants as the dominant species. Then, he took on the Phoenix Force which made him go completely crazy, and helped him rationalize the murder of Professor X!

Since then, Cyclops has been a menace to everyone around him. He constantly professes that “his way is better,” not caring who gets hurt in the process. He also (sort of) kick-started the war between mutants and Inhumans.

Not once has he apologized for the horrible things he’s done, and regardless of his many terrible acts, he still considers himself a hero. To put it bluntly: there’s insane, and then there’s the level of delusion that Cyclops endures.

  1. Captain America, Agent of Hydra!!

    Seven Times Our Favorite Heroes Lost Their @#$%ing Minds!

So, this one has been controversial and is still going on, but I’ll fill you in if you’re especially perplexed. Steve Rogers’ memories were tampered with thanks to the Cosmic Cube. Now, Captain America thinks he’s been a Hydra agent since childhood! With those false memories, Cap has been doing some pretty bad things in the name of Hydra. One of these things includes secretly instigating the Civil War between Captain Marvel and Iron Man! If this whole thing has proven something, it’s that Captain America is pretty scary as a villain!

  1. Super (whiny) Boy Prime!!

    Seven Times Our Favorite Heroes Lost Their @#$%ing Minds!

Superboy Prime was an alternate version of Superman from a world just like ours! After the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, his homeworld was destroyed and he had to go into exile. Problem was, Superboy Prime wasn’t able to move on from the life he once had. He then began to attack anyone in his way, ranting that he was the only hero the Earth needed. His rampage killed many, including members of the Teen Titans, the Green Lantern Corps, and another alternate version of Superman.

Not going to sugarcoat it: Superboy Prime was a completely irredeemable psychopath. To add to that, he was also an incessant whiner. He always felt the need to complain about how the DC Universe was inferior to his, and it got old real fast.

He also took pride in every one of his horrible actions, believing they were heroic. In reality, he was nothing more than a remorseless killer who just couldn’t cope with loss. Hard to believe he was ever a good guy, huh?

  1. Skeets Goes Terminator!!

    Seven Times Our Favorite Heroes Lost Their @#$%ing Minds!

Most of you may remember Skeets as the dinky little robot side-kick to Booster Gold, but he certainly had his dark moments. During 52, Skeets was taken over by the evil Mr. Mind as the malicious caterpillar tried to wreak havoc across time and space. Under Mind’s influence, Skeets killed and tortured several innocent people, and a few amateur heroes as well. The amount of destruction he caused by himself was pretty terrifying, and he nearly succeeded. Guess it’s true what they say: looks really are deceiving!


Think I missed one? Feel free to share another example of a superhero going completely ape-sh*t and raining unexpected destruction on unsuspecting friends and bystanders.


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