CBS’ Supergirl Renewed for a Second Season

Supergirl renewed for second season!

Look, it’s not like you didn’t expect this: CBS very recently announced the continuation of the Supergirl TV series by confirming a forthcoming second season. According to our friends at Deadline, this announcement came from CEO Les Moonves in an address to the Deutsche Bank Media, Internet & Telecom Conference. With CBS’ Supergirl renewed for a second season, we here at The Source are a little….surprised.

Why are we surprised? Well, the numbers tell the tale; the series premiered to 12.96 million total viewers, but ratings have been dropping – significantly – ever since, with the Feb. 29 episode attracting a mere 6.69 million. However, Supergirl is still a critical darling, and currently carries a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Why is Supergirl a critical darling? Because she’s a strong female lead handled with the utmost respect, and facing common conflicts regardless of her super-human status. Yes, even though Supergirl can fly or punch a mountain into another mountains, she still has to worry about fitting in, hurting people’s feelings, or the effectiveness of carrying secrets for the perceived greater good. Yes, the show is seriously weighted by heavy-handed moralizing and cliché-laden pep-talks, but there’s a heart here that shines regardless of the common modes of expression. Yup.

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