Five of the Most Underrated Superheroes!

Five of the Most Underrated Superheroes!

With all the popular superheroes out there, there’s bound to be a few who suffer from underexposure. That’s not to say they’re unmemorable, but with the bigger names soaking up the spotlight, it’s hard to attract attention. Even though they’re not as popular, these five underrated heroes are just as heroic as super-persons with five-picture deals.

Booster Gold

Five of the Most Underrated Superheroes!Originally a hopeless night watchman from the 25th century, Booster Gold traveled back in time to become a big-name superhero. Despite his initial glory-seeking attitude, Booster slowly but surely learned from his mistakes and became a respectable hero. While he may never get the recognition he dreams of, his heroism is a comparable reward. His fun personality makes him instantly likable and his adventures through time are exactly the kind of crazy that makes comics fun!

Machine Man

Five of the Most Underrated Superheroes!X-51 was the last of a series of experimental robots, and the only one that didn’t go crazy after achieving sentience. With his extendable limbs and many gadgets, he renamed himself Aaron Stack, the Machine Man.

Over the years, he became cynical with a low opinion of humans. Despite that, his adventures bordered on the hilarious. Between his time on Nextwave and Deadpool’s Mercs for Money, this beer-guzzling super robot is always somewhere even if it’s not in the spotlight!

Martian Manhunter

Five of the Most Underrated Superheroes!He’s a founding member of the Justice League and a mainstay of the DC Universe. Yet, for some reason, it feels like Martian Manhunter doesn’t get a lot of love these days.

J’onn J’onzz was the last of the Martians — he came to Earth to stop it from becoming like Mars. Strength-wise, he’s up there with Superman, and he has the added bonus of telepathy and shapeshifting. Even though he’s had multiple appearances over multiple forms of media, it seems like the other Justice League heroes get more attention.  It’s just not easy being green. Wait, did someone else already say that?

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Five of the Most Underrated Superheroes!

One’s a kid who’s the smartest mind on the planet; the other’s a giant red T-Rex! Together, they make an unlikely (but fun) duo as Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur! While these two are impressive alone, they’re at their best when they’re together!

Despite Moon Girl’s likable character and Devil’s status as a Jack Kirby creation, these characters are surprisingly underrated. While they may be a strange pair, this girl and dinosaur aren’t any less effective!

The Shadow

Five of the Most Underrated Superheroes!The Shadow has a long history and has cemented himself as a pop culture icon. He’s been in radio, comics, film, and considered an inspiration for Batman! Despite all this, this classic pulp hero has often been pushed to the side regardless of his continuing series and occasional crossovers with Batman.

Maybe he isn’t as popular as similar heroes, but the Shadow will always be their inspiration. Though times may change, he’s one character who will always remain a classic.

Did I miss one? Who do you consider the most underrated superhero? Let me know in the comments below!



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