Geoff Johns Thoroughly Examines DC REBIRTH #1!


DC Access recently sat down with DC Comics’ Chief Creative Officer – as well as DC REBIRTH writer – Geoff Johns who, in the above video, thoroughly examines DC REBIRTH #1! And when I say, “Thoroughly examines,” I really mean “thoroughly;” he goes through a good deal of the book in detail, reveals some very MAJOR, universe-changing plot-points, and the narrative vehicles and characters responsible for said, COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED PLOT-POINTS. So, check out the video above, but ONLY IF YOU’VE ACTUALLY READ DC REBIRTH #1!!!!!! Folks, it’s liberally suffused with SPOILERS, so press “play” if you’re okay with hating yourself and/or blaming us regardless of our obvious – and numerous – attempts to warn you.

And now, an excerpt from the DC Access interview with DC REBIRTH mastermind, Geoff Johns!

Why did you want REBIRTH to happen?

Johns: – “Dan and Jim said they were gonna’ end the New 52 at 52, and they wanted to relaunch everything, and they wanted to use the name “Rebirth,” and I was very proprietary over that name because of the past books I’d done, Green Lantern: Rebirth and Flash: Rebirth, and I said it’s something extremely specific to me. And I stepped back and said ‘Okay, let me craft a kick-off issue or story that will reset and reexamine the history of the DC Universe,’ taking it all back to the very first, 1938 Action Comics #1…..”

For the full, SPOILER-FILLED interview….PRESS PLAY!

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