The 5 Types of Batman V Superman Fans


Now as we all know, there are many different types of people in this world with many different opinions: right, wrong, or indifferent. These distinct differences are granted more vigor and venom when introduced to a powerfully polarizing agent: Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman. Due to the heated controversy stoked by such a divisive film, we’ve been able to properly identify the five types of Batman V Superman fans throwing their two-cents into the grand, frothing, sometimes informative but oftentimes fecal-filled internet pool. OBSERVE!

1. The Fans Who Haven’t Seen it… and Hate It

This particular group of people may just enjoy arguments or shattering dreams and expectations… we may never know.

2. The Fans Who Haven’t Seen it… and Love it

Now, I like the enthusiasm that you bring to the table. I hope you’re bringing it to the theater tonight!

3. Twitter Users Who Use #YawnofJustice

*Joker voice* WHY SO clever….

4. Those that Just Hate Ben Affleck…

AKA probably the same people who keep saying “Batfleck”

5. Fans who have ACTUALLY Watched the Movie



  1. Well put. Essentially works on all critics! I’m gonna go see this in a coupla days for my birthday. Hoping there’s a bit of the original concept from Frank Miller in there. Like the look of it based on trailers. I want dark urban gothic for DC universe…

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