Titans REBIRTH #1 Review: The DC REBIRTH Mystery Continues!

Titans REBIRTH #1 Review: The DC REBIRTH Mystery Continues

Check out Our Review [WITH SPOILERS] of Titans REBIRTH #1

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Brett Booth
Inker: Norm Rapmund
Colorist: Carlos M. Mangual

Call it DC Rebirth #2 because Titans Rebirth #1 picks up exactly where the oft-talked about and almost universally beloved Rebirth special leaves off.

This issue is all about Wally West in his new costume (it’s a nice suit, but DC really should have kept the yellow. Why redesign perfection?), trying to help his old Titans pals regain their memories of the past. There is a feeling in this issue that Abnett is admonishing DC for diluting the Titans concept in the New 52, and there darn well should be some finger-pointing because no DC property was hurt by the DC reboot more than the Titans. But, Titans Rebirth is a homecoming for old Titans fans as characters like Nightwing, Donna Troy, Wally West and the former Aqualad are all front and center along with Roy Harper and the historically underutilized Lilith.

Titans Rebirth #1 is a Titans comic, and we haven’t seen a real example of that in a long time. It’s not a needless reimagining or an unasked for reinvention of the wheel; it’s the Titans, a family, a group of friends with a rich and diverse history. And while new readers may be left with a few questions, this comic successfully brings the Titans concept back to the DCU.

That being said, the comic is a bit one-note with Wally introducing all the main characters and having “How Can I Forget You” moments with all his former friends. There is some nice emotion to it all but it takes all twenty pages to get from point A to point B so there is plenty of warm feelings for your $2.99 but not a lot of bang.

And oooooooh, the art. Titans Rebirth #1 is a throwback to the Image days of the 90s with static action poses and stiff figures. The classically bright color-palette pops but the art style is more extreme than the simple story needs it to be.

There are some hiccups to this issue but just seeing classic Wally and Donna back in action – in a comic that doesn’t ignore decades of history – is enough to celebrate. The emotion and sense of history of DC Rebirth carries over whole cloth into Titans Rebirth #1, and if this is the place to follow the future adventures of Wally West then I’m in, no matter how indulgently “90s” the art may be.

So for the first time in years, say it with me fans…