Top Five Most Popular Superhero Reporter Couples

Top Five Most Popular Superhero Reporter Couples

If there’s one big cliché that superhero couples have, it’s that everybody seems to be hiding their secret identities from their significant others, then ruining everything because of it, then ending up revealing everything anyway, and making us all roll our eyes and raise pitchforks and demand that they all really should have done that in the first place.

And the reason that secret identities get revealed right away is because capes always somehow want to hook up with reporters who are, of course, INVESTIGATIVE journalists who know how to get information whenever they want to. What’s with superheroes and reporters anyway?

Okay, so it does make some sense for superheroes to end up with reporters because they’re the first ones on the scene of a big crime or a big saving-the-day thing, and to celebrate that, here are just some of the most popular superhero reporter couples out there.

  1. Wally West and Linda Park

    Top Five Most Popular Superhero Reporter Couples

Wally West was the definitive Flash for me back then, with the Justice League Unlimited series and the “Lightning Saga” and all. Still, now that Barry is the Flash in the limelight, it might be less likely that we’ll get to see Wally and Linda take center stage. In DC Rebirth right now, Wally’s trying to find his way back to her, but we’ll just have to see.

Back then, Wally West and Keystone City reporter Linda Park had an epic love story that even involved Linda bringing Wally back from the Speed Force. Their two kids, Iris and Jai, are both speedsters, and it would definitely be super cool if we could see them in action in both the comics and in the CW’s TV series.

  1. Barry Allen and Iris West

    Top Five Most Popular Superhero Reporter Couples

As mentioned, Barry is the definitive Flash of pop culture right now, with Iris West popularized in CW’s The Flash. Character biographies have changed a lot over the years, but originally, Picture News reporter Iris West was Barry Allen’s fiancée, and she had absolutely no idea he was the Flash. She only found out that Barry was the Scarlet Speedster when he accidentally talked about it in his sleep.

In the original version, it was also revealed that Iris was born in the 30th Century, and unlike the TV series, Iris was killed by Professor Zoom when he vibrated his hand into her head. Who says comics are meant for kids?

  1. Bruce Wayne and Vicki Vale

    Top Five Most Popular Superhero Reporter Couples
    Bruce has had his fair share of women over the years (because who can resist a billionaire playboy who moonlights as a deranged Bat), and one of those prominent love interests was Vicki Vale, Gotham Gazette reporter. Of course, she reported on Batman all the time (who in Gotham doesn’t?), and in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman, she was finally brought to the big screen. Might we possibly see more of her in recent incarnations of the Dark Knight? Anything is possible!

  1. Clark Kent and Lois Lane

    Top Five Most Popular Superhero Reporter Couples

We can’t talk about superhero reporter couples without mentioning the most popular of them all. This epic love story between the Man of Steel and Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane has stood the test of time since forever, which is probably why when New 52 rolled around and they made Supes and Wondy THE power couple, it left a horrible taste in fans’ mouths.
How could anyone break up Lois and Clark?

In 1938’s Action Comics #1, the tough-as-nails reporter agreed to go out on a date with Clark out of sheer pity, which ended up with her slapping an interloper, and since then, she hasn’t held back. She’s been with Clark through secret identities, marriages, deaths, resurrections, and everything in between, and the power couple will never ever stop.

  1. April O’Neil and the Turtles/Casey Jones

    Top Five Most Popular Superhero Reporter Couples

There have been lots of incarnations of April O’Neil over the years, with her being a computer programmer, a skilled combatant, and so much more. But in the 1987 cartoon series, she was a television reporter for Channel 6 News with a penchant for running into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all the time. And while she’s been linked with Donnie and Leo and Michelangelo, April has more commonly been linked with Casey Jones romantically. The most recent Michael Bay film has hinted at romantic undertones between her and Casey as well.

Honorable Mention: Peter Parker

Top Five Most Popular Superhero Reporter Couples

Because we’re talking about superhero reporter couples, it’s almost a crime not to mention Peter Parker. Sure, he’s the superhero Spider-Man too, but it does count as a superhero reporter couple when you think about Black Cat dating him, right? Not too sure how Mary Jane Watson or even Gwen Stacey will react to that…but Peter Parker just goes down as one of the most popular comic book journalists in history!