Check Out Our Overly Indulgent Suicide Squad Sale!

Check Out Our Overly Indulgent Suicide Squad Sale!

Are you ready for Amada Waller’s violently tangential, very turbulent, insufferably outspoken and efficiently murderous Task Force X to kick the hell out of movie theaters on August 5th? No? Well, we are, so you best fall in line, dig? Yeah, it’s the Suicide Squad, and we can’t wait to see the government’s brutal, painfully coerced detail of enhanced malcontents kick 12 kinds of ass or lose their heads via instantaneous, remote detonation. SO, to celebrate DC Comics’ live-action translation of volatile super-villains struggling to keep their craniums and flex some uncharacteristic altruism, we’re offering this dangerously erratic, multi-faceted Suicide Squad sale! OBSERVE!

Check Out Our Overly Indulgent Suicide Squad Sale!
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Look, we’re taking 15-25%-off a veritable poop-ton of Suicide Squad merchandise. No code. It simply exists in a natural state of reduced pricing.

So, yes, we have a considerable sale going on for DC’s forthcoming film detailing bad people with guns aimed at your daughter but only because she’s possessed by Nekron. Yup.