Save BIG During Our 4th of July Sale!

Save BIG During Our 4th of July Sale!

Yes, it’s time once again to celebrate our independence from the joint, tyrannical rule of Cobra – a domestic terrorist organization determined to rule the world – and the Deceptions – a race of evil, incredibly large, sentient robots determined to weaponize the world. Yes, on that day, so many years ago, GiJoe, the Galaxy Rangers, Thundarr the Barbarian, M.A.S.K, the Micronauts, ROM Spaceknight, the Thundercats (sans Snarfer) and the Silver Hawks joined forces with a global, military initiative to destroy the Weather Dominator (Mark VIII) AND an energy-conversion device transferring human souls into Energon Cubes. It was hard fought, but the day was won and the toy licensing was spectacular. Anyway, to celebrate humanity’s victory, we’re offering BIG savings during our 4th of July sale! OBSERVE!

Save BIG During Our 4th of July Sale!
Save BIG During Our 4th of July Sale! CLICK IMAGE AND START SAVING!

Firstly, this sale comes in two distinct, yet clearly interrelated parts, so let’s break it down:

1. We marked down 500 of your favorite items (t-shirts, accessories, swimsuits, anything with enough surface area to allow for superhero images) a whopping 15-20% off!

That’s right, we’re taking a crap-ton of Energon money off a crap-ton of superhero merchandise that you’ve been consistently ogling but hesitant to purchase. Well, in the immortal words of Shipwreck during the legendary Battle of Cybertron Moon XI, “We act now or we lose one hell of an opportunity to seriously #### the living #### out of some seriously ######-up robots.” Look, you know what I mean: act now before this generous price reduction resolves itself at 11:59PM on July 4th!

2. Spend $59 and earn yourself a free pair of socks or a free T-Shirt!

Just insert the code FREEDOM16 at checkout!! Oh, and the items already on sale (see point #1) count towards your $59+ purchase!

So, get to shopping, get to saving, and celebrate Optimus Prime’s victory over a repurposed Trypticon made to look like Cobra Island. Yup.