Patrick Stewart Sings Country Music for Charity


Ever wonder it would be like to see Captain Jean-Luc Picard warble out some country music? Well it looks like it is your lucky day because Patrick Stewart sings country music for charity in the above video! Yes, it is very real…Patrick Stewart belting out hits like “Rawhide” and “Don’t Fence Me In” among others. You have to give it to charities these days because they know the best way to get anybody to pay attention is to do something viral. In this case “viral” means getting Captain Picard to get “his western on.” Now if only we could get the Val Kilmer from Tombstone…then we would be in business!

So Patrick Stewart sings country music for what, exactly? Is he attempting to raise awareness of Starfleet? Is the Federation in dire straits? Ah, I know! Patrick Stewart sings country music for the CIA because they want to get one of those sweet moon-bounce things. You know…the ones that are filled up with a bunch of hot air. Okay, so joking aside it looks like Patrick Stewart sings country music for something far more noble than a moon-bounce and that’s helping displaced people! I guess he is still working for Starfleet.

Patrick Stewart is known for his philanthropy. You can actually get 5 of the songs from his faux-country albums by donating here! All proceeds from ‘Cowboy Pat’ albums go to the International Rescue Committee to help crisis-affected families in Europe, the Middle East, and elsewhere in the world. Always best to help build a better tomorrow today, right? How else are we going to make it to the stars!