5 Reasons Why Batman V Superman Really Worries Me

Batman V Superman!
Batman V Superman!

DC’s most famous legends will meet to do battle on March 25th in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. When this movie was announced, I was, like so many others, really pumped for it. This movie will be the first time in history we see Batman and Superman on the big screen together, so obviously it’ll be the most epic DC film ever, right?? Well maybe, but as more and more information came out surrounding the movie, I began to become less excited and more concerned. It’s gotten to the point where I’ll see this movie regardless of how it does, but I have a bad feeling about this. Specifically, I have 5 reasons why Batman V Superman really worries me.


  1. An Overly Dark Tone.

Now a dark tone for a film with Batman in it is nothing new. To be honest, you kind of need some of that to make Batman work. I’ll admit from what we’ve seen of Batman in this movie, it does sort of fit him like a glove. The thing that worries me is a lot of the trailers suggest the depressing feeling might be too present in the movie, from the colors to the story. When a movie is trying to be as serious and mature as Batman V Superman is shaping up to be, you need moments of levity for the sake of the audience. Fortunately, we’ve seen sprinkles of what could be lighter moments in the most recent trailers, so maybe this will be a small problem. However, it does lead me to another concern.


  1. It Might Be Everything You Hated about Man of Steel.

    Man of Steel
    Man of Steel. IT WAS GOOD!

While Superman’s last cinematic adventure did fairly well at the box office, it didn’t do as well with audiences. We all thought that there was too much pointless destruction, too much religious symbolism, and the story was too forcefully gritty for a Superman movie. What’s worse is that it didn’t portray Superman in a positive light; instead of being a paragon of hope he was more irresponsible and reckless. So, if it didn’t work the first time they wouldn’t do it again, would they? Well, let’s look at what we’ve seen so far: people constantly calling Superman a god, more destruction, and that dark tone I mentioned earlier. This seems a little familiar, doesn’t it? It feels a little like the previous mistakes weren’t learned from. At heart, I’m an optimist, so maybe they’ll tweak things a bit and make it work, but for now it seems like history repeating itself.


  1. Lex Luthor…Just Lex Luthor.

  2. It's the REAL Lex Luthor!
    It’s the REAL Lex Luthor!

For all you DC fans, I want you to think about the last time you saw Lex Luthor. Whether it was the comics, the animated shows, or other movies, what kind of vibe did you get from him? For me it was a normal man who used nothing but his intelligence to fight a being that could shatter mountains, going out of his way to show how big a threat Superman could really be. It was how he used that intellect that made him so intimidating, and that’s what makes Lex Luthor such an amazing villain. Now compare that with Jesse Eisenberg’s version who seems childish, talkative, and just a little annoying. He’s too animated and he almost seems a bit out of place for what this movie wants to be. When I think of Superman’s greatest villain of all time, this is not what comes to mind. But who knows, maybe what we’ve seen is all an act by Luthor. It’s possible he pretends to be silly and immature to make everyone underestimate him, when in reality he’s just as sinister as the Lex Luthor we’re used to seeing. If that’s the case, I think Eisenberg can definitely pull off that kind of character. Man, I just really hope that’s what we’re going to see.


  1. DC Really Wants a Justice League Movie.

    The REALLY WANT the Justice League movie!
    The REALLY WANT the Justice League movie!

And I do mean they really want it. It’s no surprise Batman V Superman is supposed to be the gateway that will lead to a DC Cinematic Universe; we’ve known it for a while now. And the good news is we don’t have to wait too long to see certain characters. Wonder Woman is in this movie, and we might see several cameos of other famous DC characters, too. That being said, the thing that scares me is how soon we’re getting Justice League after this movie. Justice League is scheduled to come out next year, and in between there’s only two more movies to set up this world the characters live in. It just seems a bit odd to me that they’d schedule these two so close together and makes me wonder how badly they really want that ensemble film. This really concerns me, considering we’ve seen comic book movies in the past focus heavily on building up a sequel to the point where the rest of the movie suffered for it. The good news is that right now there’s no real evidence that Batman V Superman is doing this, so maybe I’m just imagining things. However, there’s still one big reason Batman V Superman really worries me.


  1. That Spoiler-rific Trailer.

I hate spoilers, who doesn’t? You know what I hate more, though? I hate trailers that give away the whole movie. It just never made any sense to me why a movie would spoil itself before anyone got a chance to see it. Unfortunately this movie, not too long ago, had one of those as well; it really surprised me how much they gave away. They gave away the conflict; they gave away Luthor’s plot, and they gave away the big reveal of Doomsday. This is especially strange since all the other trailers (even the one that came after it) did such a good job keeping the film’s plot a secret. We even know the three act structure now; they meet, they fight, and they team up. Because of this, the movie now has a difficult hurdle to jump over, but there is still hope. Batman V Superman will be over two hours long, which gives the film a lot of time to do things we haven’t see yet. It’s very possible that even though we’ve seen a lot we might not have seen everything. I hope there are some great moments in the movie that we won’t actually see until it hits theaters.

So, despite all the concerns I have, I’m still going to see Batman V Superman. The fact that these two timeless characters are finally meeting face to face in a big budget movie, and the fact that we’ve never seen DC Comics do anything quite like this before, is history in the making. Honestly, I recommend seeing it for those reasons alone. Will it live up to the hype? Only time will tell. And who knows; maybe I’m just being a little paranoid for worrying.

So, are my concerns valid? Are there any other concerns YOU might have? Let me know below!


  1. I enjoyed man of steel I think so fans were just not into an inexperienced superman and this made people upset about the original. I think this film will work since the plot seems to heavily focus on the destruction and inexperience superman had in man of steel.

  2. I’m trying to decide if I can be angry about you not putting a spoiler alert before point 5 about the spoilers in the trailer.

    Yup. I think I can.

  3. I thought you were to nice about it, the movie looks terrible. the costume designs are awful,and every set looks fake “like and old movie retouched and put on bluray” I never thought any of it looked like a real place”in a city street, or a ruined building. The worst part for me is the actors they picked, I have a full page of complaints for all the main cast choices, “except superman he’s ok”. A bad luther shouldn’t kill this movie but a bad everyone, might slow down the Justice League Movie,and did they spend more on advertising then making it. I’m not just hating I have a lot of hope for suicide squad but i’m not the targeted teenage audience its looking for.

  4. What I think is the most stupid about this is the fact that he says that they “spoiled” the movie: they meet, they fight, and they team up”. The freaking title is Batman V Superman which means they meet and then they fight… because versus means someone fights with someone and the DAWN of justice obviously is telling EVERYBODY that they will team up. The plot, generally speaking, is extremely obvious and what will really matter is the ‘how’ they are going to tell the story. I understand your point man, I really do because is what most people have said recently and I do not share your opinion; however, I do hope we both and everybody get to enjoy the movie 🙂

  5. Its totally spot on, and u have the same bad feelings over the movie that i have. Again u could make a 6. point about how they steal ideas and plots from 5 to 6 different comicbooks. The story with only Clark and Bruce would have been it, and a perfect movie. But nooooooooooooo, take the best from F. Millers and mix with 4 others comics. That can only bee confusing and stupid.

  6. I don’t find the dark tone to be an issue. Snyder has been up front that he wanted these fantastical characters grounded in a semblance of reality and the plot of BvS is right in line with the type of conversations and reactions people would have if a god-like being showed up and took residence on the planet. I actually like the exploration into how the world would react. Don’t get me wrong, I love the original Superman movies but it always kind of irks me that an alien shows up who can fly and shoot heat rays out of his eyes and everyone is essentially totally okay with it as though it’s no big deal. I also didn’t have a problem with Man of Steel. Sure, Superman did a number on Smallville but, in his defense, it was his first real fight and he had only just started discovering the extent of his powers. Plus, keep in mind that he was outnumbered by Kryptonians who were bred for military service. The dude had his hands full. And in Metropolis, most of the destruction to the city took place because of the terraforming machine. Superman had to go to the other side of the world to destroy it. By the time he got back, the vast majority of the damage was done. And regarding the religious elements, I hate to break it to the writer but Superman has been infused with religious undertones pretty much from the beginning. The creators deliberately injected Mosaic themes into Superman’s story which, for any theology students out there, also has Christological implications. Many story lines in the comics have addressed the religious underpinnings of the character. Snyder would have done a disservice by ignoring it.

    • David, I really appreciate your incite regarding Man of Steel, the realization that these events occurred during Superman’s first week on the job (so to speak).

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