Watch the First 10 Minutes of Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition!


So, you’re probably aware that, as of yesterday, the Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition is now available to stream in digital HD! Yes, it’s the extended, R-rated cut featuring over 30-minutes of additional footage, adding a bit more sense and salving the theatrical cut’s disjointed narrative with some interesting, necessary, formerly cut film bits.

To celebrate the digital release of Batman V Superman’s Ultimate Edition, Warner Brothers and Fandango released the first 10-minutes of the upgraded, elegantly cohesive version of the film online. Thanks, Warner Brothers! And, it’s conveniently tucked at the very top of this article, so….ENJOY!

So, does the first 10-minutes of the Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition actually sport some of that previously mentioned additional footage? Glad you asked.

The Waynes’ funeral is definitely longer, featuring a running, grief-stricken Bruce.

Bruce’s perspective during the Battle of Metropolis is also extended. He’s in that truck a lot longer, dodging more tumbling real estate and terrified passersby.

And….the exchange with Scoot McNairy seems extended, and perhaps Bruce hugs that girl for a few more seconds before screaming, “Uncle!” Maybe.

Have you watched the Ultimate Edition? If so, what did you think? Does is make the movie… better? Extremely enjoyable? Less terrible?