Batman v Superman Nominated for a Razzie Award

Batman v Superman Nominated for a Razzie Award!
He who wears THIS, does NOT deserve a Razzie!

If there’s one award an actor or movie doesn’t want to win, it’s the Golden Raspberry Award. Or, the Razzies, as it’s more commonly known as. One day before the Oscar nominations are pushed out, the list of the worst of the worst was announced. Unlike other accolades, the Razzies are given out to the worst films and performances of the year.

And in the running for Worst Picture of the year is Batman v Superman. BvS has been getting flack ever since it came out. It was three hours long, there were a million subplots, and Lex Luthor was just plain awful. But, did the movie really deserve a Razzie nomination?

Along with the movie, both Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill have been nominated as the worst actors. While some might disagree, Affleck’s Batman was not the strongest. Affleck has improved in acting over the years, but his Bruce Wayne could have been better. That’s not to say he can’t completely dazzle us in Justice League, but as far as his role in Batman v Superman, I have to agree with the decision to nominate him.

Henry Cavill is a great Superman. I thought so the moment I watched Man of Steel. But, he wasn’t given much to work with in this movie. Because of the million different subplots, Superman really fell by the wayside and his performance (especially those opposite Lois Lane) were cheesy at best. Although, I don’t believe a nomination is justified in his case.


Either way, the Razzies aren’t meant to be taken too seriously. However, if BvS or its previously illustrious actors win, I’m hoping DC will take this as a sign to step up their game. There’s huge potential for this franchise, but at times it feels like they aren’t giving it the old college try. Oh, and recasting Luthor would certainly help.