Booster Gold Movie Won’t Be a Part of DC Cinematic Universe

Booster Gold Movie
Booster Gold gives a thumbs up!

So who exactly is Booster Gold? Is he that shot you need to give to children in order to go to public school? No! Is he a special card in Pokemon collectibles? No! He’s actually a washed-up football star from the future that steals a few super-powered relics and travels back in time to make money and become famous. Pretty noble goals, right? Now if only we could get a Booster Gold movie…oh, that’s something they are working on? Go figure!

Booster Gold Movie
You might be raising Booster Gold right now! Whoa, time paradox!

Greg Bertlanti has been working on a Booster Gold property for years. He had previously tried to get a Booster Gold TV show off the ground with long-time producer Andrew Kreisberg but unfortunately it never quite materialized. However, from those ashes Greg approached newly christened DC Overlord Geoff Johns and apparently now a Booster Gold movie is in the works! An important distinction though is that the Booster Gold movie won’t be a part of the DC Cinematic Universe or the ‘DCEU’ as they are calling it now.

“As of right now we have no connective tissue to those worlds,” said Greg Berlanti. “It’d be a separate thing.” Greg Berlanti is best known for his shiny-happy DC TV shows like The Flash and Arrow. Both he and Zack Stentz (who helped write X-Men: First Class and some of the higher reviewed episodes of The Flash) are working to make the Booster Gold movie a reality. It certainly would be interesting to see a DC movie that isn’t connected to the currently, rather grim DCEU and it certainly allows for some freedoms on the writers and producers behalf! Let’s hope the movie makes it off the ground.