Harrison Ford’s Opinion After Seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens: “It Was Great!”


Harrison Ford appeared today on ABC’s morning show, Good Morning America, and talked about a few things that I can’t quite recollect because they weren’t specifically Star Wars related. Oh, yeah, he talked about the airplane crash and something else about something else…OH! And then I started paying attention again when the subject of his broken leg came up; it seems a door to the Millennium Falcon was closed unexpectedly….on his leg. OUCH! Yes, it seems a door to the Millennium Falcon wasn’t fully operational, and splintered Harrison Ford’s leg-bone. Honestly, when you punch the Millennium Falcon as many times as Harrison Ford punched the Millennium Falcon, can you blame the Millennium Falcon?

And then it happened; the interviewer revealed that Harrison Ford had actually seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens! AAH! What was Harrison Ford’s opinion of the highly anticipated film!?? Mr. Ford sat back in his chair and calmly exclaimed, “It was great. I mean, It’s a wonderful movie, it’s got great production values. It’s a real big movie and I was delighted to see it.” YAY! HARRISON FORD APPROVES!

The interviewer also revealed that Harrison Ford was pretty much done with the role of Han Solo, but was inclined to return due to the quality script, and the opportunity to work with JJ Abrams. Yes, those are two very, very compelling reasons.

Now, check out the video above for the full Good Morning America Interview.

We know you’re excited for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. How much more excitement is filling up your lungs now that Harrison Ford has given his blessing? Let us know below!