Questions of Morality: Is Bucky Worth Saving in Civil War?


Civil War is upon us. The imminent betrayal beckons, awaiting the masses of impatient moviegoers to watch with amazement as heroes collide, tearing each other a part, mentally and physically. Yet while we eagerly anticipate the blockbuster release of Captain America: Civil War, we have thought little about the war itself, distracted by the paramount appearances of Spider-Man and Black Panther. In each of the teasing trailers, we see our colorful Avengers dancing to the beat of battle, choreographed to epic proportions. Reunited friends, foreboding warnings, flying bullets, intense stares, fiery explosions, new costumes and characters all set to a building soundtrack distract us from the reality of the film, the stakes of Civil War. This struggle for clarity amidst the overwhelming, superhero bombast leads me to ask the following question: is Bucky worth it? Given the history between Bucky and Cap, everything we learned in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the imminent conflict in Captain America: Civil War, and general rules of morality, we intend to answer, or at least try to answer this particular question: is Bucky is worth saving in Civil War??

While we already know that Captain America: Civil War will be centered on more than just Bucky, his return is still a large part of the film. Despite the villains like Crossbones, Zemo, and the Sokovia Accords, which will supposedly be the cinematic version of the Superhuman Registration Act from the comics, the Winter Soldier has appeared necessary to the film. His addition helps to tear Cap and Stark a part, adding an emotional battle to the already political one. With his presence undeniable, let’s take a look at everything which has led us to this momentous occasion.

Before their dates with separate icy waters, we have to remember that Steve and Bucky did almost everything together. In a flashback from Captain America: the Winter Soldier, we see Bucky comforting Cap after the death of his mother, insisting they build a fort out of couch cushions. This sweet moment has always set the tone for relationship. No matter what happens, they will always be there for each other, even at the price of embarrassing themselves. As they grew older, Buck joined the army, leaving Steve behind to dream, wishing for the chance to do what’s right.

As we know from Captain America: the First Avenger, Steve finally got his chance from a German scientist who turned him into a superhero. In the fight, Cap saved Bucky from some of Zola’s experiments and led the fight against Hydra with the Howling Commandos; however, war is hell. Despite the bright, colorful Marvel movies, Nick Fury implies in The Winter Soldier that Cap and his men had been through some dark times fighting Hydra. Inevitably, both Cap and Bucky had seen things in battle that will never be unseen. Together, fighting their way across Germany, feeling as though they were lost in Dante’s Inferno, Cap and Bucky fought side by side, watching over each other the whole way, cementing an unbreakable bond between two breakable men. For Cap, Bucky is worth the world and even more. While we may never see him in such a way, we cannot deny their relationship.

Questions of Morality: Is Bucky Worth Saving in Civil War?
Best friends FOREVER!

…or can we? After all, Cap has not appeared to be the most forgiving of the Avengers. Since their first team-up four years ago, Cap and Stark have always had a grudge match, which has finally escalated into an all-out brawl. Is this the fate of those who wrong the great Captain America? Those who have faced him before have not fared well. The original HYDRA was stopped by him; SHIELD, which had been infiltrated by Hydra, was taken down; Loki had his takeover delayed, and Red Skull disappeared or teleported or disintegrated or… who knows what happened to him. The point is anyone who goes up against Cap does not stand a chance. He is the righteous man, and in our classic tale of heroes and villains, the good man wins. However, how can the good man win if he is willing to compromise everything he has done for Bucky?

This is where your own, personal morality comes in. Is it better for Cap to never give up on his best friend or to let him get what he deserves? No matter what, Bucky has killed who knows how many people during his time as the Winter Soldier. To what extent can he be held responsible? Was he coherent enough to make a concise choice, or was he just a slave to HYDRA’s bidding? Either way, it was his hands on the gun and his finger on the the trigger, taking lives and ending potential heroism. In the end, I cannot tell you what to think; I can only show you the situation and lead you to the questions. It is up to you, the reader, to decide: is Bucky Worth Saving in Civil War?

Let us know what conclusions you come to, and don’t forget to catch Captain America: Civil War on the big screen Friday, May 6th.