J.K. Simmons’ Jim Gordon is a “Badass” in Justice League

J.K. Simmons' Jim Gordon is a

When journalists visited the London set of Justice League, they received a veritable deluge of information regarding the forthcoming, superhero ensemble piece. This DCCU download consisted of interviews with actors and creators, previously unseen concept art, an actual scene from the film, and some “making of” spots showing actors at work during the shooting of several scenes. One such spot detailed the filming of an interaction between J.K. Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon and an assembled Justice League; Simmons inhabits the iconic role of Batman‘s trusted colleague, and according to our friends at Entertainment Weekly, he’s thoroughly enjoying the opportunity.

“[It’s] been a fun experience, and knock wood, if it continues, then I’ll hopefully get to play Commissioner Gordon in a handful of movies,” he told the site.

Simmons also explained his particular take on James Gordon, and how it differs from earlier, somewhat innocuous iterations of Batman’s dependable ally.

“People of my generation remember Commissioner Gordon as this jolly, ineffectual Santa Claus type, and I think over the years in the comics there’s definitely much more of a badass side to him. One of the things that’s interesting to me is investigating hopefully a little bit more of that badass [side]…You’re living in a universe where it’s pretty tough to be a badass compared to somebody like Batman, but in the universe of non-superheroes I like the idea of Commissioner Gordon as a guy that can take care of himself, a guy that’s a real partner to Batman, not just a guy that turns on the bat signal and goes, ‘Help! Help, Batman!'”

Sounds like we’re getting a very comic-accurate take on the character, especially considering Gordon’s recent stint as a fill-in, GCPD-sanctioned Batman.

J.K. Simmons' Jim Gordon is a "Badass" In Justice League
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