Jeremy Irons Praises Ben Affleck’s Batman


Oh, Jeremy Irons. If you aren’t busy stealing all of the gold in Fort Knox or attempting to steal the Red Dragon Scepter or attempting to steal Eloi (man, Jeremy Irons is always trying to steal stuff) you are heaping praise on Ben Affleck’s Batman! Well, at least he isn’t attempting to steal Ben Affleck’s Batman…or at least as far as we know. While out promoting the Jesse Owens biopic Race, Jeremy Irons was asked on his thoughts about the Batfleck.

“He [Ben Affleck] is extraordinary, quite extraordinary, and Zack Snyder, the director, fantastic vision. I think the public will have a great treat in store,” Jeremy Irons (who plays Alfred) said. Irons then finished off by saying that “I suspect so,” when referring to whether or not viewers will see it more than once. Well, if Jeremy Irons says we are going to love it then he must be right! Just look at how intense he is! I wonder if Irons would like something from here…at least we won’t make him do some algebra problem involving jugs of water in order to get something! Wait, does that mean we might see Bruce Willis? Now that will be a cross-over that would be worth seeing. Die Hard with Night-Based Vengeance.