Check out Batman’s New Tactical Suit from the Set of ‘Justice League!’

Check out Batman's New Tactical Suit from the Set of 'Justice League!'
Check out Batman's New Tactical Suit from the Set of 'Justice League!'
Check out our new…uh..tactical Bat-shirt!

Justice League, the DC film featuring Batman and his newly assembled “league” of like-minded metahumans banding together in an effort to deflect a powerful, encroaching darkness Batman seems uniquely aware of, is finally nearing the end of principal photography. Earlier this afternoon, and to properly celebrate the last day of filming a particular, Bat-themed character donning an upgraded uniform, director Zack Snyder tweeted an image of Ben Affleck’s Batman suited up in an incredibly sleek, incredibly battle-ready tactical suit. OBSERVE!
Firstly, the original tweet-

Now, let’s increase the size, and brighten things up a bit.

Check out Batman's New Tactical Suit from the Set of 'Justice League!'
This looks AMAZING, and….familiar.

If you’re picking up a ‘Nite Owl vibe’ from Snyder’s cinematic translation of Alan Moore’s seminal superhero study, Watchmen, then you’re not alone; the Batman tactical suit looks very much like the Nite Owl uniform worn by actor Patrick Wilson.

So, what do you think? Impressive, right? Hell and yes.

Directed by Zack Snyder, Justice League debuts November 17th, 2017, starring Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman, Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/The Flash, Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Ray Fisher as Victor Stone/Cyborg, Amy Adams as Lois Lane,
Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth, J.K. Simmons as Commissioner James Gordon, Amber Heard as Mera, and Willem Dafoe as Vulko.


  1. Not a big fan of Watchman…sorry…based on this pic alone I can pretty much guess what Zack Snyder has planned for upcoming movie which is disappointing and ultimately makes me want to dismiss this movie altogether…It seems Zack Snyder can’t help himself…he repeatedly screws up DC movies almost effortlessly…I was actually hoping & looking toward to a continuation of the Harley Quinn & Joker vs Batman story that was touched upon in Suicide Squad, but that seems unlikely at this point…I’m also hoping that those are special tech goggles used for tracking a villain and not an actual part of batman’s costume.

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