Robin’s Identity Confirmed in Batman V Superman

Batfleck looks upon Robin's destroyed suit

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was somewhat divisive among movie goers. Some liked it, some didn’t. From decisions like turning Jimmy Olsen into a CIA agent or being fed Jolly Ranchers, there were just some aspects of the movie that fans can’t help discuss. One of the bigger questions posed by Batman V Superman was Robin’s identity. Remember that famous scene with the Batfleck gazing upon the heavily ‘decorated’ and destroyed Robin’s suit in the Batcave? Many comic fans speculated it to be Jason Todd and it looks like it was according to a recent tour of Warner Brothers!

“This was one of the big things from Batman v Superman, right across this way. The Jason Todd Robin suit. Spray painted on the front ‘Ha ha. The joke’s on you Batman’. Those of you that know the storyline, know what happened to this Robin,” confirmed the guide of Warner Brothers Studio. Guess that finally answers the question to Robin’s identity in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice but it makes me wonder where was Dick Grayson/ Nightwing? Considering that Jason Todd was the second Robin according to comic book lore…but then again maybe that’s just Zack Snyder messing with us again! He has been known to pull a Suckerpunch every once and awhile.

Jason Todd was the 2nd Robin in the comics and was recruited by Batman after Todd attempted to break into the Batmobile. Street-wise and violent, Jason Todd was brash and acted quickly even being implicated in the death of a criminal at a point in the comics. Alas, DC decided to have a telephone hotline to decide this Robin’s fate and in a narrow margin, readers decided to kill Jason Todd through the machinations of the Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker. To this day, Jason Todd’s death haunts Batman…that is unless you’ve seen or read anything about the Red Hood!