Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds Shares Image with Jackman and Brosnan to Purposely Tease Fandom
Played by Pierce Brosnan?

What the hell, Ryan Reynolds?? You damn well know we’re all super-excited about a potential Deadpool/Wolverine film you’ve been incessantly nagging Hugh Jackman about. Sure, you’re all for it, but Jackman is apparently hesitant. Something about timing, or broadening his acting horizons, or some other line of crap that irks me to no end but is thoroughly acceptable jargon in the immaculate Jackman universe. Anyway, we didn’t think it would happen, and we resigned ourselves to that salient, fanfare-killing fact.

And then, via Instagram, Ryan Reynolds shared an image of himself along with Hugh-freaking-Jackman and Pierce-freaking-Brosnan doing the old “hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.” What the hell is he implying here?? A freaking Wolverine/Deadpool movie featuring….Cable??? OBSERVE!

Wolvie. Bond. Wade.

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And then Jackman shared his own picture of the currently mysterious, brazenly speculation-inducing image. JERK! I mean…thanks! And…OBSERVE!

So, was this a meeting for the Deadpool/Wolverine movie that Jackman put the brakes on? No? Was it a general FOX/Marvel discussion where each actor talked separately about the future of individual projects, and then gathered in the break room for cake and coffee? Or perhaps Jackman and Reynolds were offering support to Pierce Brosnan, a potential candidate for the coveted role of Cable, Deadpool’s intolerant future-friend whose appearance is guaranteed in Deadpool Doo — sorry, I mean, Deadpool “2.”

If the picture was meant to tease, I accuse Reynolds and Jackman of unnecessary cruelty.

If it was meant to entice a future, cinematic Wolverine/Deadpool appearance with the addition of Pierce Brosnan’s Cable? Well, then. Consider this writer’s interest peaked.