SPOILER Shows Up in Civil War!

Hulk in Civil War?

Anthony Mackie, who plays the Falcon in the Marvel Universe, may have spilled the beans over a certain character in Captain America: Civil War. Wait, there is going to be more characters? Apparently so! So which SPOILER shows up in Civil War? The Incredible Hulk! Yeah, the one character that Marvel said isn’t going to be in Civil War might actually be in Civil War. Go figure! Would only make sense since they are freaking getting Spider-Man in there!

While on a podcast and heavily promoting Civil War, Mackie said, “Having seen the movie, it’s Marvel’s best movie so far. And I’m being honest – if a Marvel movie sucks, a movie in the Marvel universe, I’ll tell you it sucked. Winter Soldier and (the first) Iron Man are probably Marvel’s two best movies, and I feel like (Civil War) beats both of those movies. It’s really, really good. It’s because it’s more of an acting movie than an action movie. I feel like the story is very concise and interesting, and you get to see Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans and Scarlett Johannson and Mark Ruffalo and everybody just do really, really good ACTING. And then there’s action in it. I think it might be the first superhero movie that might be up for Best Picture.” So is that an honest mistake, a slip, or is Mark Ruffalo (who plays the Hulk) in Civil War? Guess we will have to wait till the movie comes out on May 6th, 2016. Of course you can always find all of your Civil War gear here! If anything, maybe the Hulk shows up and breaks the fight up between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. The Hulk would kind of end that fight real quick!


  1. Or maybe mark is just in there and Bruce banner and marvel is right in saying that the hulk doesn’t make an appearance in civil war but Bruce banner does

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