Well, looks like there’s another actress throwing her name into the hat of…uh…actresses that want to play Squirrel Girl in a Marvel film that may or may not happen depending on the number of actresses vying for the role, or the number of fans supporting said actresses vying for the role. Anyway, Stranger Things actress Shannon Purser, aka Barb on the nostalgia-fueled Netflix series, wants to be Squirrel Girl, and…I suppose that’s nifty. Check out her very telling tweet!


STRANGER THINGS Actress Shannon Purser Wants to Be Squirrel Girl
Please be careful, Barb!!
STRANGER THINGS Actress Shannon Purser Wants to Be Squirrel Girl
She wins.

Yes, Purser isn’t the first actress to announce an interest in playing Doreen Green, aka Squirrel Girl, the tail-swinging super-heroine who can actually speak the squirrel language. Actress Anna Kendrick (Scott Pilgrim, Into the Woods) mentioned a somewhat casual interest in portraying the Marvel darling, and the internet went…well, it went a little…”nuts.” Sorry about that.

Firstly, do we even want, or need, a Squirrel Girl film? Well, she did defeat the likes of Thanos and Doctor Doom, so she’s certainly a capable Marvel hero. And, someone with superhuman strength, reflexes, enhanced vision, superior hand-to-hand combat skills, retractable claws, and the aforementioned mastery of squirrel-speak is the perfect vehicle for at least 17 cinematic trilogies culminating in Squirrel Girl Secret Crisis Parts One and Two. Yep.

Secondly? Okay, yes, we want, and therefore NEED, a Squirrel Girl film.

Thoughts? Any actresses you’d like to see don the bushy tail in a Marvel feature film?