The Inhumans IMAX Release Date Confirmed, Plus More Details!

The Inhumans IMAX Release Date Confirmed, Plus More Details!
The Inhumans IMAX Release Date Confirmed, Plus More Details!
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If you’ve successfully reeled your tongue from the floor after news regarding a brand-new Inhumans television series debuting on IMAX screens and continuing on ABC, I can finally impart more details without reducing you to your former, orally unwound state. Yes, we already told you the first 2 episodes will debut in IMAX theaters, with another 6-parts continuing on ABC and boasting cinema-like special effects, but we didn’t tell you just when the heck the Royal Family will hit the IMAX-filtered silver screen. Well, thanks to our good friends at The Hollywood Reporter, The Inhumans IMAX release date has been confirmed.

Debuting on IMAX screens September 4th, the first two episodes of the joint Marvel/IMAX endeavor will be shown in over 1000 locations in 74 different countries, running for two weeks starting on Labor Day before it eventually hits ABC with additional footage. Right, so you have to tune in and watch them…AGAIN!

“We think this is a quadruple win — a win for Imax, a win for Marvel, a win for ABC Studios and a win for ABC to launch a show in an innovative way and get attention. “ So says ABC Television Group president Ben Sherwood, who’s hoping to successfully “event-ize” the Inhumans series in an effort to make it considerably more discernible amidst the usually overflowing fall TV pool.

The trade goes on to confirm that IMAX cameras will be used to shoot the first 2 episodes, and used during action scenes in the remaining, televised series.

Also — and somewhat surprising — ABC mentioned this particular series won’t replace the planned movie. What? Yep, the movie is still on. What? Yep.

So….what do you think?