The Unofficial Soundtrack for Captain America: Civil War

The Unofficial Soundtrack for Captain America: Civil War

Here at The Source, when we are not quietly reading comics or binge-watching our favorite TV shows and movies, we listen to a variety of music, losing ourselves in song instead of story, dreaming of starting a band instead of flying around the world or swinging around New York. Music was and always will be a indispensable piece of any society, and as James Gunn demonstrated to us in Guardians of the Galaxy, popular music can take a film to heights unseen. His ingenuity in the superhero genre took the film’s soundtrack to the top of the charts, which was the first an album managed to do so without a single new song, setting what might be an unbreakable record. Well, at least until the return of the Guardians in 2017. With that in mind, we have complied our own pop playlist, the Unofficial Soundtrack for Captain America: Civil War, picking songs for the major characters and their inevitable showdowns.

Considering the name in the title, we’ll start with Team Cap.

  1. Captain America – “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire” by the Ink Spots

Written in 1941, back before Steve became a “Capsicle,” “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire” gained its popularity by reaching number four on the United States pop charts thanks to the wide reception of the group, the Ink Spots. Later on, the song was immortalized in the successful Fallout video game franchise, specifically Fallout 3. Thanks to the developers at Bethseda Softworks who made the game, there are now multiple generations of people who love the song. Yet who could love it more than Steve Rodgers? It was popular before he froze and is still recognized by younger generations now. Cap just cannot seem to escape the song or the significance it had in his life: he doesn’t want to set the world on fire with a superhero Civil War; he just wants Tony to understand the flame of concerns in his heart and save his one and only friend, Bucky. Oh and speaking of the Winter Soldier…

2. Winter Soldier – “Hello” by Lionel Richie

While this song may seem a bit romantic, one must remember Marvel’s tendency to portray these intense ‘bromances’ throughout their films whether it be Cap and Bucky, or Stark and Banner. Shane Black, the director of Iron Man 3, jokingly stated in a 2012 interview at SDCC that Stark and Banner driving off in Stark’s Acura at the end of the Avengers meant, “they’re gay.” While Black made this comment in fun, it does help to support the idea that these people behind some of our favorites movies like to play with these ‘bromances’ between two, straight characters.

With that in mind, “Hello” is the perfect song for our long lost friend, Bucky Barnes. Take a second and listen to the lyrics. Finished? Okay! Obviously, the popular, repeated line fits Bucky perfectly, considering the situation we were left with in Captain America: the Winter Soldier; Bucky is the one Cap is looking for. Bucky will see it in his eyes, blue as the summer sky, and feel it in his star-spangled smile; he is all Cap has ever wanted since that fateful fight in Washington D.C., ready to say, “I love you.” Yet he is not the only one…

3. Falcon – “Wherever You Will Go” by the Calling

In almost the same vain as above, ‘bromance’ is strong with Captain America. Cap’s romantic naiveté – from his early life as the epitome of a loveless loser – lends itself in setting up these unending, unfailing relationships later on with both men and women alike. Those around Cap tend to give their all to him, becoming the best they can be to find respect and hopefully admiration from the world’s first and finest hero. This trope from the comic books themselves finds itself in no one more so than Sam Wilson, the Falcon.  

As we have seen largely in Captain America: the Winter Soldier, as well as a small cameo in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Falcon is doubtlessly dedicated to following Cap, even against the United States government or the formerly plagued SHIELD, two of the most powerful entities in the entire world. Nothing is as form-fitting as this song for Falcon’s relationship with Cap, even in the midst of a Civil War. Flying high above or fighting down below, Falcon will follow Cap, wherever he will go – unlike our next bunch of characters…

4. Iron Man – “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath

Big surprise, right? The writer, who is soooo original, decided to use “Iron Man” for Iron Man. Well… bear with me for a moment! As you listen to the song, consider this: you are Iron Man in the midst of this Civil War against Captain America. Those first lyrics before the musical break capture almost exactly the kinds of thoughts that would be running through Stark’s mind: “Has Cap lost his mind?” “Can he even hear what I’m saying? Can he see my side, or is he just ignoring my opinion?” “I’ve knocked him down! Beaten him! Can he even walk? Have I won? Even if I do win, why should we care? This was not how things were supposed to be.”

From Cap’s perspective, the song works just as well, especially toward the end. During this Civil War of heroes against heroes, Iron Man will spread fear, and the fight will go beyond just a skirmish at a seemingly empty airfield, causing untold amounts of collateral damage and possibly killing those Iron Man once saved. Who will want him in the suit then? In Iron Man 2, the people seemed happy with Stark keeping his suit in his own possession, supposedly the safest hands, but after an event like Civil War, will people run screaming, “Iron Man lives again,” if he were to ever return? Unfortunately, that might be the case, the inevitable future of the MCU.

5. Black Widow – “I Hate Boys” by Christina Aguilera 

In the middle of all this testosterone, I cannot imagine Natasha wanting to sing anything more than this, and the lyrics fit her situation perfectly.
Civil War will find Natasha torn between two sides, wanting to help Cap but not wanting to be a fugitive from the law again. One must also keep in mind where Natasha stands romantically; Civil War will be taking place shortly after Avengers: Age of Ultron where Natasha was left broken by Banner leaving her. With all of that rushing through her mind, leaving its mental scar, “I Hate Boys” will easily become Black Widow’s anthem. She’s not bitter; she’s not entirely mad, but these boys in their colorful costumes are driving her b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

6. Black Panther – “Check Yo Self” by Ice Cube

With the exception of himself and Vision, Iron Man’s team seems to be lacking bright colors but just like cars, heroes look better in black.
Just ask Black Panther, who – in this writer’s opinion – has the coolest suit on the team. Now, I’m not sure if Black Panther, the Prince of Wakanda, listens to Ice Cube or any American music, yet considering his appearance as an addition to this film, I doubt he will be there to say anything but, “check yourself before you wreck yourself, Cap!” Just look at this image from one of the more recent teasers!

Look at the intensity in that stare!
Look at the intensity in that stare!

Clearly Black Panther is not to be trifled with, so this song is really a warning for our titular hero. Watch out, Cap!

6. Spider-Man – “Stuck in the Middle with You” by Stealers Wheel

First of all, I want you to just go ahead and ignore the first film that pops into your head when you hear this song.
Although Quentin Tarantino may have cemented this song into his iconic scene from Reservoir Dogs, it does just as well with your friendly neighborhood web-slinger. If any of you have read the comic book version of Civil War, you know that Spider-Man played a role on both sides – Team Cap and Team Iron Man – so in honor of that and without knowing what role Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will play, “Stuck in the Middle with You” seems to be the best choice. With clowns to the left and jokers on the right, Spider-Man will more than likely be stuck between both sets of heroes with us, the metaphorical “you,” stuck in the middle with Spider-Man, trying to figure out where our own loyalties lie.

7. Crossbones – “Burnin for You” by Blue Oyster Cult

Last but not least, we have at least one of the villains from the film, Crossbones, who is burning for revenge,
waiting to get back at Cap. In Cap’s last film, Captain America: the Winter Soldier, Brock Rumlow was badly burned during the collapse of SHIELD while fighting for Hydra. With his reappearance in Captain America: Civil War, it’s clear that the healed Rumlow has made his transformation into Crossbones, and he is ready to burn the man who burned him, hence “Burnin for You.”

Don't tell me that's not a great looking band!
Don’t tell me that’s not a great looking band!

With that, our soundtrack is finished. The gig is over, and the roadies are packing up the gear. The pyrotechnics are empty, and the crowd is chanting for more. Unfortunately, that was all we had, but until the next film, we here at The Source hope you have enjoyed our Unofficial Soundtrack for Captain America: Civil War. Be sure to catch it in theaters on May 6th!

Any other soundtrack options for your favorite Civil War players? Let us know below!