Will the “Old Man Logan” Story Work for Wolverine 3?

Old Man Logan!
Old Man Logan!

In recent news, we’ve learned that the next solo Wolverine movie will be an adaptation of the popular storyline, Old Man Logan. While it will be exciting to see this unique Wolverine story in theaters, it does leave a big question. Since FOX is not allowed to use certain Marvel characters in their films, will the Old Man Logan story work for Wolverine 3?

(Spoilers for Old Man Logan below)

For those who don’t know, Old Man Logan took place in an alternate Marvel Universe where the villains had finally won the war with one massive attack. Most of the heroes were killed during the assault which lead to Red Skull and other big time baddies dividing the United States up amongst themselves.

The heroes are dead!
The heroes are dead!

Fifty years have passed since then and some heroes have managed to survive, including the now retired Wolverine. In need of money for his new family, Logan is tasked with delivering a mysterious package with a now blind Hawkeye, and forced to fight through all the villains and monsters along the way.

So knowing that this story features a lot of elements from Marvel, outside of the X-Men franchise, this movie will probably look a lot difference than the comics. FOX and Marvel’s feud has been raging on for a while now, which unfortunately means no mutants will ever be in the Avengersand no Hawkeye, Red Skull, or Hulk will be in this movie either. This presents an interesting problem considering that pretty much all the X-Men are dead in this story. So, how exactly are they going to get around that?? Well, the most likely answer is that they’ll take some liberties with this adaptation. There’s a good chance that some X-Men will probably survive the attack and that most of the villains will be familiar mutant bad guys, so they can take on the roles of characters who won’t appear in this movie. Depending on how that works out, we may be seeing a very different version of this story.

Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. X-Men: Days of Future’s Past was also a loose retelling of a famous X-Men storyline and that, in my opinion, was one of the better X-Men

Days of Future Past!
Days of Future Past!

So I think that this isn’t a reason to be too worried, and if they do it right, Wolverine 3 could be a really awesome movie. In this case, it’s not so much about how close they’ll adapt Old Man Logan, but how unique their version of the story will be. It’ll be about which characters they’ll use in place of others, which will do just as well while also bringing something new to the story that wasn’t there before.

I even have a few theories on how they can rearrange some of the roles. For example; instead of Hawkeye they could have Cyclops or Nightcrawler travel with Logan, or instead of the Hulk they could use Juggernaut. And instead of Red Skull as the main threat they can replace him with Magneto or even Mr. Sinister (why not? He hasn’t been in a movie yet). While the possibilities are a bit more limited, that doesn’t mean we won’t see something creative that will make this version of the Old Man Logan story work for Wolverine 3.

As we get closer to the film’s release date, more information will come to light, so I’m sure a few questions will be answered soon. For now I recommend checking out the Old Man Logan graphic novel if you’re interested in seeing what the movie will be like. It’s a dark and gritty story that perfectly blends an Old West feeling with an apocalyptic setting and tons of Wolverine action. And we should absolutely be excited that we don’t have too long to wait till we see it come to life in theaters.

So, what are your thoughts on this movie so far? What mutants would you like to see make an appearance, and if you could adapt any X-Men storyline into a movie, what would it be? Let me know what you think below!