Yes, it was recently announced that legendary actor Willem Dafoe will be playing a heroic role in both Justice League films. Naturally, this begets the following question currently stinging my brain like an inebriated, tough-talking bee: who is Willem Dafoe playing in Justice League?? Well, you’re in luck; I have a few suggestions (specifically, 5).

1. Martian Manhunter!

Who is Willem Dafoe Playing in Justice League? We have 5 Suggestions!
Double M!

He’s the heart and soul of the Justice League with a power-set comparable and equal to Superman’s! He’s also the last survivor of the Martian race. Well, at least until there’s a story revealing misplaced members of this race milling about to instigate the Manhunter’s fire-sensitive PTSD.

Does Willem look the part? Not really, but with enough CGI and post production work, his likeness could shine through the honorable embodiment of the Last Son of Mars!

2. Highfather!

Who is Willem Dafoe Playing in Justice League? We have 5 Suggestions!
He brings you ILLUMINATION!

With all that vision/flashback/future-flashback business Batman was subjected to in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, we were granted a look at an alternate existence where Darkseid, an unbelievably powerful and destructive New God, scorched the hell out of Earth. How did we come to that conclusion? Well, he burned his freaking symbol into a desert. So, Darskseid’s existence pretty much guarantees the existence of the rest of the New Gods pantheon, including Highfather, benevolent leader of the Gods of New Genesis (the light-giving, planetoid counterpart to Darkseid’s home, Apokolips). Hopefully, Highfather will turn his attention to Earth and preemptively warn the Justice League about Darkseid’s notorious intentions.

3. Green Arrow!

Who is Willem Dafoe Playing in Justice League? We have 5 Suggestions!

What? Yes, Green Arrow; an older, wiser Green Arrow. Maybe he shows up in another Batman-related vision/flashback/future-flashback, and maybe, just maybe…he’s missing an arm.

4. Ganthet, a Guardian of the Universe!

Who is Willem Dafoe Playing in Justice League? We have 5 Suggestions!
Let go of your feelings!

You want to inject the Green Lanterns into the new DC Cinematic Universe, this is how you do it! Cut to Oa, a planet located in the center of the universe and home to the Guardians of the Universe, a race of infinitely powerful beings responsible for harnessing the shared power of the emotional spectrum (whew!). The Guardians, progenitors of the Green Lantern Corps. and virtually omniscient, are very aware of Darkseid’s intentions. Ganthet, a Guardian given to uncharacteristic emotional responses, pleads his case to the other Guardians: send help to Earth. Or, at the very least, warn its populace of the impending destruction.

5. Aquaman’s trusted adviser, Vulko!

Who is Willem Dafoe Playing in Justice League? We have 5 Suggestions!
What say you, trusted adviser?

There are rumors “swimming” about regarding Aquaman’s introduction in the first Justice League film. These rumors speculate that Aquaman may actually spend a good deal of his debut as an adversary. So, who keeps him calm and talks him off a dozen figurative cliffs every time he interprets the Justice League’s actions as dishonorable affronts? How about good old Vulko, the only voice of calm and reason in “King Arthur’s” court?

So, what do you think? Do these suggestions make sense? And more importantly, what are YOUR suggestions? Let’s increase the list from 5 to 10! GO!


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