Frank Castle and Karen Page Meet In Secret in New PUNISHER Images
Will work for food!

Well, we already showed you Nelson & Murdock’s precocious secretary, Karen Page, meeting up with Jon Bernthal’s Punisher on the set of, that’s right, the forthcoming Netflix/Marvel series, The Punisher. You see, after the events of Daredevil Season 2, Frank Castle is very much on the lamb, considering he previously shot the hell out of organized crime in Hell’s Kitchen, and chained Daredevil to a chimney.  Anyway, our friends at Just Jared procured some more pictures of a moderately disguised Punisher on the Chinatown, New York set, and once again, he’s joined/confronted by Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page. OBSERVE!

Frank Castle and Karen Page Meet In Secret in New PUNISHER Images
I have my own blanket!

Now, there are quite few more images, but due to copyright issues, we’re unable to show them here. However, since we’re absolutely the coolest cats you’ll ever meet, you can follow the link on Just Jared’s Twitter post announcing their latest collection of images from the set of Marvel’s Punisher. BEHOLD!

So, we’ve seen some ‘homeless’ Punisher, and some ‘gainfully employed’ Punisher, but what about ‘kick-ass’ Punisher who walks into a bus station and massacres waiting passengers given to unhealthy slouching?? I mean…where’s the f###ing skul!!?? I’m sure it’s on the way.