My Wish List for ‘The Flash’ Season 4 [Four Things I Want to See in the New Season!]


On October 10th, the CW’s top-rated show The Flash comes back for a fourth season. Show producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg said the upcoming season would “be a restart” to the series. The main villain will be the Thinker, and the show won’t be dark and dour like last season, which is a good change of course. While it is one of my favorite shows on TV, there are a few things that seem to be missing. Here is what I’d like to see happen with the Scarlet Speedster this year.

1. Introduce Bart Allen, aka Impulse/Kid Flash

“My name is Bart Allen and I am also the fastest man alive!” Photo Credit: DC Comics

Yeah, we have Wally West/ Kid Flash running around Central City, and Jay Garrick and Jesse Quick popping up from time to time, but one certain member of the Flash family is missing. Yep, I’m talking about Barry’s grandson from the future, Bart Allen. Introduced in The Flash Vol. 2 issue 92, Bart was a hyperactive kid who acted on instinct, hence the name Impulse.

He doesn’t have to be a series regular, but a guest-star appearance would be nice. Maybe the powers that be could have Bart pop up in an episode where he accidentally travels back in time and runs into his grandpa Barry. Make him really enthusiastic and just full of energy. Smallville had their version of Bart, but The Flash deserves its own.

2. Invent the Flash Ring

My Wishlist for 'The Flash' Season 4 [Four Things I Want to See in the New Season!]
Photo Credit: DC Comics
One of the staples of Flash cannon has always been Barry Allen’s Flash ring. It’s where Barry keeps his costume when he needs to change into it at a moment’s notice. I know what you’re thinking: “Well, the costume wouldn’t fit the ring because of the material it’s made of.”

So, you’re willing to suspend disbelief on a telepathic gorilla and a woman who can hop dimensions and blast cosmic light from her hands, but a costume can’t fit into a ring?

Maybe have an episode where Barry thinks the current costume is weighing him down. That’s where Barry’s friend and S.T.A.R. Labs partner Cisco/ Vibe comes in and invents a costume made of material so thin, it fits into a small ring. The Reverse Flash had a ring, why can’t Barry?

3. Bring Back Stand-Alone Episodes

Photo Credit: The CW

While The Flash is one of my favorite shows on TV, my one criticism is this: after a while, all the episodes blend together. Why? Because of the serial approach to storytelling in the show. If you watch shows like Smallville or even Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, all the episodes stand out and are different from one another. Sure, Barry fights a different villain every week, but that kind of takes a back seat to the overall story arc involving the main villain.

Serialization is popular now thanks to people binge-watching shows like DaredevilStranger Things, and Arrow. I think when there is an overall story arc for an entire season, it stifles creativity and doesn’t make the episodes stand out.

4. Go Back to the Original Flash TV Series

“My name is Barry Allen, and I am the original fastest man alive.” Photo Credit: WB/CBS

All the DC shows produced by Berlanti and Kreisberg do an excellent job of acknowledging the past by casting actors who portrayed comic book characters, like Dean Cain, Laura Vandervoot, and Helen Slater. I would love it if they had an episode where Barry goes into the universe of the original 1990 Flash TV series. That would be a fun episode.

Yes, John Wesley Shipp has been on this iteration of The Flash as Henry Allen and Jay Garrick. Mark Hamill even returned as the Trickster for a few episodes. Costars Amanda Pays and Alex Désert also guest-starred in a couple of episodes. But they were never in the same episode.

Make it a true reunion episode for that cast of The Flash. Have Grant Gustin’s version of Barry dimension-hop to the CBS dimension of The Flash. Maybe we find out what happened to the 1990s version of the Flash since the last episode aired in 1991. How awesome would it be seeing both versions of the Flash teaming up and saving the day?

That is my wish list for the upcoming season of The Flash. Like any of my ideas? Have any wish list items of your own? Hit me up in the comment section below!