Transformers: Combiner Wars Prelude- Meet Victorion!


Remember when we told you about the forthcoming, animated G1 Transformers series, Transformers: Combiner Wars? Yes, we told you all about the joint, Hasbro/Machinima Network venture debuting on August 2nd over Facebook, Youtube, and go90, including four prequel episodes streaming over the aforementioned platforms. Well, because we’re intrepid, consistent, and dependable reporters sticking tenaciously with any story, we have the latest Transformers: Combiner Wars prelude for you RIGHT HERE (look up)!

Today’s prequel focuses on Combiner Victorion, a female Transformer who grants no allegiance to Autobot or Decepticon; a creation of the Enigma of Combination, one of the Thirteen Artifacts of Primus. Without clicking the links, I can tell you she’s serious, serious business born from some serious Cybertronian history.

Let Me Explain…

Without drowning you in too much Transformers’ lore, the Enigma of Combination was created by Nexus Prime, the very first Combiner Transformer. Its function was twofold: to foster unity and cooperation in all sentient minds within its proximity, and to bestow the most hallowed of all abilities upon deserving Cybertronians- the act of combination.

This artifact can instantaneously merge any Cybertronians together into a Combiner, enhance the power and mental stability of pre-existing Combiners, or integrate new components into pre-existing Combiner teams.

So, who better to represent peace, unity, and cooperation than a very capable, immensely powerful and compassionate Combiner? Looks like we just made Victorion’s argument for her.

Stay tuned for more Transformers: Combiner Wars info RIGHT HERE on The Source….which…uh… was responsible for birthing Primus, his thirteen original Transformers, and their omni-powerful artifacts including the g-darn Autobot Matrix of Leadership!!