11 Overly Powerful Superheroes (Depending on the Writer’s Whims)


Aside from the obvious deus ex machina that is Batman (who can basically solve/defeat anything just because “I’m Batman”), these ridiculously powerful superheroes can basically go full god-mode if the writers feel like it.

  1. Swamp Thing

    With the ability to manipulate all plant life, Alec Holland is essentially Mother Nature. Swamp Thing can construct himself and rise up from any kind of plant form—alien or not—in the whole universe, which means he can transfer his consciousness to practically anything and never get physically damaged.

  1. Black Bolt

    Sure, you’d expect the leader of the Inhumans to have super strength and agility, but what makes Black Bolt one of the most overpowered superheroes is his Quasi-Sonic Scream. He can obliterate an entire city—even an entire planet—with just a mere utterance of a word, which is why he’s had to discipline himself not to randomly say things lest he accidentally level the entire human race. Still, in one particular issue, he barely got the Hulk to move an inch, so these ridiculous superpowers really depend on the writer (who’s the REAL overpowered being here then?).

  1. Franklin Richards

    Even though Reed Richards and Sue Storm are pretty standard as far as superhero powers go, they sired—for some weird reason—a kid who can manipulate time and space and basically rewrite existence whenever he feels like it. As an Omega-level mutant, Franklin Richards can warp reality, create anything from just a single thought, and even resurrect things at will. Just imagine what he might possibly do during a temper tantrum! It certainly pays to be the child of one of Marvel’s star couples, doesn’t it?

  1. Nate Grey

    Speaking of Marvel’s power couples, Scott Summers and Jean Grey have a star child too—only this one was genetically modified by Mr. Sinister (because with a name like that, he’s obviously always up to something sinister). Thanks to his tampering, Nate Grey has the powers of telepathy, teleportation, psychometry, precognition, astral projection, telekinesis, and every mind-power-thingy you can think of. Unfortunately, his powers are built to burn him out, which essentially makes this kid a ticking time bomb.

  1. The Sentry

    Marvel’s equivalent to Supes, The Sentry is one of the most overpowered superheroes precisely because he’s the Kryptonian’s equivalent but with “the power of one-million exploding suns”. On top of the Basic Package for Saving the World (speed, super strength, flight, invulnerability, what-have-yous), he also has the ability to teleport, heal injuries, manipulate energy, and even resurrect the dead. You don’t see Superman bringing his dead parents back to life, do you?

  1. The Spectre

    When you’re sent back down from heaven and tasked with destroying all evil in the world, you know you’re definitely going to be one of the most ridiculously overpowered superheroes in existence. The Spectre has a job to do as an avenging spirit, and because he’ll stop at nothing to get the task done, he can do anything—and I mean anything—to quench his thirst for vengeance, and you definitely wouldn’t want to get in the way of that.

  1. Hulk

    We’ve been talking about mostly cosmic powers so far, but with the Hulk, it’s all physical. His invulnerability really has no limits, and his strength increases directly in proportion to his rage. This anger can spiral out of control, however, causing him to inadvertently hurt those he shouldn’t be hurting. Still, aside from the unfortunate and untimely demise of most of his shirts (and none of his shorts, miraculously), Bruce Banner does try to keep this rage in check whenever he possibly can, which results in the good doctor not wanting to transform into the big green monster—and that’s his weakness right there.

  1. Dr. Manhattan

    Anything goes with this big blue antihero, and unlike the other Big Blue, Dr. Manhattan takes his being god-like with a touch of nihilism. His powers have no limits, as he can perform energy manipulation and creation one minute and go for complete mass destruction the next. He also has the ability to see all of time all at once, which has stripped him of his humanity completely and has made him quite the loner. It’s got to be lonely being an apathetic immortal, right?

  1. Shazam

    On a lighter note, when little Billy Batson calls out the magic word and gets zapped by lightning, he DOESN’T get fried to a crisp but instead gets transformed into the superhero Shazam. He has the same invulnerability as the Man of Steel, but isn’t crippled by magic or pesky ol’ Kryptonite—just make sure he doesn’t accidentally say his name and transform back into helpless little Billy in the middle of a fight.

  1. Doctor Fate

    Flight, invulnerability, telekinesis, and expertise in sorcery are just some of the abilities that the spirit Nabu has, and when the helmet he resides in is worn by an individual, he transforms into Doctor Fate. He can bend worlds and realities at will, which can make him pretty handy whenever there’s an inter-dimensional magical war or something (which almost always happens anyway). He can also conveniently shoot ankh magic energy, and with his infinite source of sorcery as the spirit Nabu, he is definitely one of the most overpowered superheroes in the DC Universe.

  1. Deadpool

    You might not take this fourth-wall-breaking Merc with a Mouth seriously at times, but there is no doubt that Deadpool is one of the most overpowered superheroes there is—if you even consider him a superhero. This Weapon X victim is not only a combat expert to begin with, but he’s also got accelerated healing which makes him impossible to kill—and basically makes him immortal.

Who are YOUR favorite overpowered superheroes? Are you rooting for the ones that didn’t make the cut—like Flash, perhaps, or even Vulcan? Let us know in the comments section below!