Five of the Best Superhero Team-ups of All Time!


When there’s a common enemy, or a threat too big for one hero to take on alone, you can count on two heroes teaming up to stop it! Superhero team-ups have created some of the greatest stories in all of comic book history. Memorable adventures, life-long friendships, and an inordinate amout of fun are practically guaranteed during these encounters. So, let’s take a look at five of the best superhero team-ups of all time!

  1. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle!

    Five of the Best Superhero Team-ups of All Time!

One’s a museum night watchman from the future; the other’s a brilliant inventor with a bug theme. Together, they fight crime and occasionally try to think of ways to get rich as Blue Beetle and Booster Gold! Between their many adventures with the JLI and their crazy schemes, whenever these two team up it’s always a fun ride.

Both being the jokers of Justice League International, their personalities also really complement each other. That makes it all the more sad when Ted Kord is gone and we see how it affects Booster. Still, their team-ups are classic and will remain memorable since these two characters played off of each other so well.

  1. Green Lantern and Green Arrow!

    Five of the Best Superhero Team-ups of All Time!

The Emerald Archer and the Green Guardian of space make an amazing team! DC’s green Justice Leaguers have been friends for a long time thanks to their many team-ups, the most famous being their road trip to “find America” during Green Lantern/Green Arrow. The trip kicked off with an overabundance of arguing, but through all the heavy social issues the two became great friends and allies.

It also helps that their personalities balance each other out while occasionally pushing each other out of their comfort zones. Not to mention their team-ups had a huge impact on Green Arrow’s history, particularly with his sidekick Speedy. Memorable, iconic, and without pulling any punches, Green Lantern and Green Arrow made it look easy being green.

  1. Spider-Man and Deadpool!

    Five of the Best Superhero Team-ups of All Time!

Your friendly neighborhood wall-crawler joined forces with the Merc with a Mouth, whether he wanted to or not!! Spider-Man’s practically the king when it comes to the Marvel team-up, fighting alongside just about everyone you can think of. But recently, his most popular team-up has been with Deadpool. It was a match made in heaven when two of Marvel’s smart-mouthed characters got together. They’re comedy gold!

On top of that, their adventures were wild as they fought demons, villains, and poked fun at superhero movies. And if that wasn’t enough for you, these two actually helped each other grow as characters. Spidey helped Deadpool be the best superhero he could be, while Deadpool tried to help Spider-Man relax and have fun. It’s always a good sign when a team-up brings out the best in its characters. With great power comes great responsibility…and a lot of talking!!

  1. Powerman (Luke Cage) and Iron Fist!

    Five of the Best Superhero Team-ups of All Time!

Here’s another classic: the heroes for hire themselves, Powerman and Iron Fist! A man with unbreakable skin and a master of kung fu, together they make an unlikely but very special duo!

The friendship of Danny Rand and Luke Cage is really something special. Are they the most popular heroes? No, but the two stick together like glue and have each other’s backs at every turn. The two work well off each other as both friends and partners despite their different backgrounds and personalities.

Whether they’re with the Avengers or just doing their own thing, they’re always at their best when they’re together!

  1. Batman and Superman!

    Five of the Best Superhero Team-ups of All Time!

What, you thought we’d leave these two off this list? Not a chance! Probably the most famous team-up in all of comics, Batman and Superman have been nothing short of the “World’s Finest”! They’ve teamed up so often that their exploits have occurred through almost every comic book era, from the silliness of the Silver Age, to the grittiness of the modern age.

Despite how different these two legendary heroes are, they actually work very well together. While their beliefs sometimes contrast, they manage to always round each other out in any situation. There’s just something about their team-ups that makes them seem like two sides of the same coin. What else can you say? The Dark Knight, plus the Man of Steel always equals a team-up of super-proportions!

Did I leave one out? What’s your favorite superhero team-up? Let me know in the comments below!