Check out Our EXCLUSIVE Cable Costume T-Shirt!

Cable Costume T-Shirt!

Yes, Cable is currently hogging all the pre-Deadpool 2 glory with his confirmed appearance in an already confirmed Deadpool sequel! Who confirmed the confirmation confirming what was, pre-Deadpool movie, blatantly unconfirmed?? Why, that would be Deadpool! Thanks, Deadpool! So, yes; Deadpool’s overly serious straight-man from the future will be showing up in SOME capacity during Deadpool’s sophomore effort. Want to celebrate Cable’s long awaited, live action translation? Good, because we have the perfect bit of apparel to help you dress appropriately: it’s the beautifully printed, Cable Costume T-Shirt! OBSERVE!

Cable 30S Costume T-Shirt
Cable 30S Costume T-Shirt ($26.99). CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE DETAILS!

Now YOU can dress like the reasonable, rough, resolute, heavily padded future-soldier, Cable! Wait…WHO IS CABLE??? Why, he’s Nathan Summers, the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey’s clone!). He was infected by a terrible, molecularly destructive sickness referred to as the techo-organic virus; a parasitic disease that dismantles biology and replaces it with steel, circuitry, and a generally robotic, segmented sheen. So, infected as an infant, Nathan was handed off to a denizen of the future, the acolyte Askani, who could help Nathan survive the effects of the virus. Cyclops handed him off and was quite sure he would never gaze upon his transistor-filled, newborn son again. Well, until his son showed up much older and a hell of a lot more grizzled. Yup.

Now, about this Cable costume t-shirt:

It’s made from 100% cotton!

It’s made with a higher, 30 Single thread count making it softer than the average t-shirt!

It has a sleeve rendered as if infected by the aforementioned techno-organic virus!


Now; buy this, put it on, take a picture of yourself and vie for the role of Cable just like our good friend Stephen Lang!

You’re welcome!